Thursday Thirteen: Features I want in my next house

I haven’t been terribly happy with our house since we bought it — I hope that doesn’t sound terribly discontent. We were rushed the weekend we were house-hunting and just didn’t see or realize some of the problems with this one. At the time it was the only one with the room we were looking for, so it won out over houses that I liked better. And circumstances haven’t been conducive to buying a different home yet. But when we do, these are features I’d like:

1. Some distance between neighbors. I really don’t like these new subdivisions that are so close together that it looks like you could borrow a cup of sugar from each other’s kitchen windows without ever leaving your house. Our subdivision is 30+ years old and not quite that crowded, but houses are close enough that it’s awkward to me. From my kitchen window I cam see right into the family room of the house behind us, where someone’s easy chair sits whose occupant looks like he’s looking back into my window. I put a sun-catcher right at that spot, which helps. But I’d rather have a different view and not feel self-conscious there on my patio when the neighbors driveway is right there a few feet away.

2. At least 2 full bathrooms. We have 1 1/2 right now, which works out ok most of the time. But an extra shower would be helpful.

3. Our last two homes have been split-levels, and I’d prefer next time to have just one level. I could live with a two-story, though, where I didn’t have to go up and down stairs just to use a restroom or bring groceries in.

4. Speaking of groceries, I’d love to have the kitchen right next to the driveway or garage door. Right now I have to cart groceries in across two rooms and up seven steps. It gets exhausting after hiking across Super Wal-Mart.

5. A pantry. I sorely miss the one from our old house. Our kitchen is seriously short of storage space.

6. A more efficiently laid-out kitchen.

7. Some larger or more open area for when company comes. Our house now is small compartments of rooms. so when family comes to visit or we have anyone over, it’s crowded.

8. A craft/sewing room where I can put all of my ‘stuff” where it’s accessible and where I can leave projects-in-progress out and shut the door so I don’t feel like there’s a mess in the living area or bedroom. I’d also like to put a day bed in there and have it double as a guest room.

9. I’d love to have an office for my husband, if he’d like one, so that he’d have a place for his technical books and microscopes and a quiet space when he’s working from home.

10. A ‘mudroom” or little space when you first come in from outside to take off jackets and shoes, hang up wet jackets to dry, etc., without that being a corner of a living area.

11. A garage (preferably) or carport.

12. A fence around the back yard.

13. I’m not sure about this one, but I’ve thought about a screen-in porch area in the back where you can go out when the weather’s nice but not be bothered by bugs (the South is very buggy) and even maybe have a ceiling fan. But — that’s iffy. I’m not outdoors much as it is.

Bonus: At one time we wanted a log cabin, but now I am leaning more toward something Victorian or very Southern-looking with white columns.

Now — I know I should be content with such things as I have (and I try. 🙂 ). And I know that in many parts of the world, what I have now would be considered luxurious. I try to keep it in perspective. But…..if we ever do buy another house, these are some of the things I’d look for.


(House graphic courtesy of Graphic Garden.)

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19 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: Features I want in my next house

  1. Great list….we downsized when our babes left the nest. Our country cottage is big enough for them to visit but they can’t live with us. Mr. Wonderful calls it a “Jinga house” if you pull the wrong item everything comes down. Blessings.

  2. In 15 years we’ve had 10 addresses. I KNOW what I want in a house, but didn’t find EVERYTHING last time shopping. We’ve definitely “settled” for what we have, but I still dream, too. Someday, right? 😉

    I’ve posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy!

  3. Hmm funnily enough I’ve just been house-hunting, on the internet. I’ve found a house that’s not far from us, that boasts a lot of the things on your list. Now just put that house somewhere where you’d like it (at least in your country eh) and hey presto! lol.

    Actually, I’m going to show hubby when he gets in, we might (with a capital M) go and see it ourselves :=)


  4. i see some features in the home we built three years ago.
    very nice. hopefully you can put this all together for your own dream home soon.
    thanks for visiting my tt this week. sorry about the auto linkies thing. i have no clue. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. no one else even mr linky knows why. glad you perservered.

  5. I think it’s good to always be looking for more. That way, when it comes up – and it will, you can grab it without hesitation!

    Happy Thursday!

  6. I’ve seen those new houses that are thrown in together. Not much of a yard either. We have just enough space around ours to make it close but not too close. Just the way I like it. 🙂

  7. I used to live in a house where I could watch my neighbors TV from my kitchen…..didn’t like it. We no live in a log house and all I see from my back windows is trees. It’s great. I hope you find the house of your dreams next time!

    Thanks for stopping by my T13 today.

  8. Hi Barbara – thanks for stopping by. Happy TT to you – very interesting list you have here.Lots of things I would like to have in my house 🙂

  9. I want a kitchen with drawers, lots of drawers. I also would like a huge closet in every room. I have one closet and one pantry in the whole house (we live in Europe). Great list! I hope you have some time to stop by my blog and see my Thursday Thirteen about the world when I was born.

  10. Girl, you don’t sound discontent – you’re planning! Next time you go out to look at houses, you’ll have this checklist memorized. You’ll quickly know which houses measure up! Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy TT.

  11. Alot of the things on your list are things I’d love in my new home. We’ll see what happens when we are finally ready to buy.

    Thanks for visiting my TT.

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