Booking Through Thursday: Preservatives

btt2.jpg The Booking Through Thursday question for this week is:

How many of us write notes in our books? Are you a Footprint Leaver or a Preservationist?

I don’t think I mark or leave notes in fiction books generally. I can remember doing it once in a Christian fiction book that had a doctrinal issue I disagreed with that I felt important enough to comment on for the person I was passing the book on to, and once for a book I was reviewing so that I could remember parts I wanted to quote or comment on.

Though most of my books are paperback, I do have several good hardback sets of classics that I would never mark in. But I do need to start making lists of quotes from fiction books that inspire me, though, so I don’t forget them.

I do underline, mark lines or paragraphs, or leave little post-it notes in non-fiction books, though. And in my Bible I often write notes from a sermon I’ve heard or a thought about a certain passage or a reference to another passage.

7 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Preservatives

  1. I often mark up the books I am reading. Since I mainly read either my Bible or instructional type books… I do use them as “text books” and highlight or mark away to help me remember. I’m running out of space to add notes in my Bible!(I’m not a big fictional reader)

  2. I prefer to make notes in a separate notebook or on sticky notes, but I sometimes will make a small notation in pencil if neither of those options is available to me. I am not so good at remembering where to find favorite quotes or meaningful passages.

  3. I don’t usually find a reason to mark in fiction.

    Nonfiction is a different story particularly the more difficult ones, the deeper the discussion, the more markings usually.

    However, I’ve since stopped… because I had decided to move to digital. I started typing things into a file for each book instead of highlighting, for a few simple reasons: I can pull it up to quote it without having the book in my hand, I can keep more consistant notes between books I own and books that I’ve borrowed, and the really big one…. I can use the search features to find what I’m looking for quickly.

    I started with word, moved to posting them on a seperate blog (so I can search across different books, such as when I remember it was something a particular author had written but don’t remember specifically which book).. then recently merged blogs together so they are ending up mixed in. I usually just leave them as a draft and add to the same post then publish it when finished with the book.

    Bibles I do the same… though previously, it depended on which one I was using as to how much I marked. My easier to read translations used for daily reading and such got a lot of markings… some of the more specialized or sentimental ones don’t have any.

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