An event-full week

My entry for BooMama‘s Christmas tours of homes is a few posts below — or you can click here. I have enjoyed the ones I have seen so far and have even found a couple of cute decorating ideas.

Last week we had something going on just about every night. Monday evening was our church ladies’ group Christmas party where we also revealed our Secret Sisters for the year — lots of fun! We have several places in the area that you can drive through all done up in holiday lights, so we chose one and went there Tuesday night. Jason’s girlfriend was here for a few days before going home for Christmas break, so it was especially fun to take her. The place we went was one of those drive-through zoo type places and at the end they had an area where you could get out and get refreshments or visit a petting area. Jesse got to feed a bottle to a baby goat.

Wed. night was regular prayer meeting; Thursday night was Jesse’s piano recital.
Jesse's piano recital

They have kids from early elementary age all through way through twelfth grade, so there is a variety of pieces and abilities. It’s an enjoyable time.

Friday night was the last night before Jason’s girlfriend left, so we all went out to eat at Red Lobster with gift cards just received from my stepfather. Then, they had been watching our DVDs of the Lord of the Rings films through the week, but we didn’t have the last one, The Return of the King. I had Jason get the extended version of it that day and we watched it that night (though I confess I dozed off a time or two — it’s very long!! We had seen the regular version before, so I knew what happened).

Saturday evening was our adult Sunday School class’s Christmas party. We didn’t make it to this last year — we tend to be homebodies anyway and had been out a lot with other activities and were just too tired. Plus the year before it was at this event that I received news that my mom had passed away, and I was a little too emotional to go and have those memories stirred up. I wasn’t feeling really excited about going this time for the same reasons, but I am glad we did — it was a lot of fun.

Last night was the Christmas cantata at church. It’s always enjoyable. This year we didn’t have any participants from our family: at various times in the past we’ve had one or two of us in choir, and a couple of times one of us (not me!!!) has had speaking parts. But this year we just observed and enjoyed. It was a cantata I had never heard before: with all new songs it is a little hard to take it all in, but there were some lovely pieces in it. It’s events like that that help us stop for a moment and reflect on what Christ did for us by coming to earth to live and then die for us. Not that we don’t do that at home or at other times, of course, but these events help keep us focused.

As I mentioned in the last post, Jason had two wisdom teeth out this morning. Everything went well and he’s asleep upstairs, getting up every now and then to change the gauze. On one side where the root was close to a nerve in the jaw, the doctor said he didn’t encounter it during the surgery, so it should be fine — he might have some tingling there. I’m off to get his antibiotics and pain medication in a little bit.

Tomorrow night is Jesse’s Christmas program at school, Thursday night he has a teen caroling party, and Friday night is Jeremy and Jason’s college and career class Christmas party. Friday is also our 28th wedding anniversary.

After that we’re back to our regular life schedules except for Christmas and New Year’s and vacation days. :p But the special events will be over. Though sometimes all the activities do leave me exhausted (one year in the past we had kids in two recitals and two school Christmas programs in the same week!), this year I have been really enjoying them.

I spent a lot of last week getting most of the last of the missionary Christmas packages out. I still have a couple of stragglers — people who signed up to bring things but haven’t gotten them in. Thankfully these packages are going to folks in the States.

My goals for today:

1) Mail out one more package.

2) Look on my family’s Christmas lists to see if there is anything else I need to order and take care of that.

3) Edit our family Christmas letter and print it off. I finished it last night but wanted to let it sit overnight before reading over it one last time and tweaking anything necessary.

4) Print Christmas pictures.

Here’s the one I think I’ll be using for Christmas cards:
Christmas card picture
Jason’s in a bit of a shadow there, but in the ones where I used my flash, there’s a glare on Jeremy’s glasses.
This…is real life: 😀
Real life!

5) Work on getting Christmas cards ready. I say every year I am going to get that done earlier — I actually had most of the letter done Dec. 2 and the boxes of Christmas cards have been sitting here. But there have been other things going on…

6) When my family came up in October they brought a ton of pictures for us all to go through. We took some of the one-of-a-kind ones to scan and put on a CD. Jeremy has been scanning and editing them (and I am amazed at how much clearer he’s made many of them!) I’m going to work with him some time today to choose which ones to put on the CD (many are my baby pictures and I figure the rest of the family won’t be as interested in those. 🙂 ) and rename them so they know who the people are in some of the older pictures. Then hopefully we’ll get that CD made and I can get them ready to send out.

Then maybe I can get some Christmas shopping done….

9 thoughts on “An event-full week

  1. What a busy week!!! I enjoy that much activity occasionally, but I’m always glad when it’s over and we can get back to “normal” again. You have 3 handsome boys, and for some reason that “real life” picture looks awfully familiar, especially with my oldest home from college! 😉

  2. Barbara, you have had a lot going on, girl! First of all, I hope and pray your son’s wisdom teeth extraction site heals quickly. I can so sympathize. But he’s young, so maybe he’ll be tougher than I was! I’m like Susan and Diane–I love the crazy pic, too. You should print both, just like you did here, first the serious, then the fun one.

  3. Wow…what busy days these are, right? Your life sounds a lot like mine right now!

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your family…I always enjoy that. Thanks also for your support and encouragement for my blog. You are truly a valued reader…and one that I would love to meet in real life!

  4. Oops…I forgot to explain about the “comments” and “Notes to You.”

    The comments are powered by HaloScan, which is what I originally used. I use HaloScan to TrackBack people, too.

    When I started participating heavily in Thursday Thirteen, I somehow got the idea people might like to have the option of commenting with Blogger’s own commenting system. So I added that and just called it “Notes to You.”

    It might be a little confusing, but it just gives people a choice. They can comment either way. By the way, if they comment with HaloScan, their comment shows up in my sidebar. If they comment through blogger it doesn’t.

    Have a great day!

  5. I think you should send out the second photo.
    You’ve been a busy lady lately.
    I enjoyed Boo Mama’s Tour of Homes. I will go back to some more later today and tomorrow. I saw a couple that had a Jesse tree and I wasn’t sure what that was all about.
    Mama Bear

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