Works-For-Me Wednesday: Online shopping edition


The first WFMW of the month is often a themed one, and this time Shannon has asked for our favorite online shops.

I love online shopping! I probably did at least half of my Christmas shopping online.

Probably everyone knows about I buy a lot of books and DVDs there, and I’ve rejoiced to find used out-of-print books there, too. But I have also bought a tent and toys and I don’t know what all else.

I buy many Christian books at my local Christian bookstore — I do want to support the local economy — but what I can’t find there I look for at I’ve also bought some nice plaques there.

If you love crafts, the place to go is Etsy, where individual crafters sell their handmade items in a wide variety of categories.

I buy most of my clothes online through Woman Within (formerly the Lane Bryant catalog), Roaman’s, Just My Size, and Jessica London (all of those are plus-size stores) as well as Blair and Bedford Fair. I also occasionally buy clothes at Coldwater Creek and Silhouettes, but generally they are beyond what I like to spend. Many department stores also have online shops.

Here is a listing of other frequented places:

Current: stationery, gifts.

Oriental Trading Company: Birthday party items, also good for classrooms and VBS.

ThinkGeek: all sorts of nerdy t-shirts and gadgets like USB “toys” (like this rocket launcher). I found the Waverly fabric I wanted for my family room curtains for less, plus I found the perfect shade, which local stores didn’t carry. For many, if not all, of their fabrics, you can order a swatch first to see how you like it.

Terry’s Village: cute home decor stuff.

Lillian Vernon: I’ve bought storage-related things that that I couldn’t find locally, but they have gift items, home decor, toys, personalized items, and a number of other things.

Domestications: sheets, bedspreads and comforters, table linens.

Nanalulu’s Linen Closet: Beautiful tables linens and handkerchiefs.

Graphics for my blog or ladies’ ministry newsletter: CLM Graphics and Graphic Garden (both of these sites do have a few free graphic downloads as well).

That’s all I can think of for the moment! I did want to add, though, that many of these stores can be reached through, which is an organization that coordinates charitable giving with shopping: a portion of each sale goes to the charity of your choice. I try to remember to start any online shopping there (they have an a-z listing of the stores who work with them as well as a “mall” where you can peruse by the type of shop you are looking for). If you don’t have a charity of choice that you support, may I suggest the Transverse Myelitis Association.

Check our more of the best of online shopping at Rocks In My Dryer.

4 thoughts on “Works-For-Me Wednesday: Online shopping edition

  1. Most have excellent return policies. The only problem is — you do have to pay shipping to send it back — after you’ve already paid shipping to get it to you. For that reason I am a lot more cautious about what I buy than I used to be.

    With all of the clothing places I mentioned, once I got used to their sizing, I didn’t have to return anything because it didn’t fit. I have had to return things because I didn’t like the way the fabric looked once I got it home. Now if I can’t see enough of it to decide if I’d like it, I don’t order it.

    There are some things, of course, for which there is no substitute for actually seeing it and touching it before buying. And some things for which shipping prices aren’t worth it. But generally I much prefer chopping online than traipsing around stores.

  2. I love online shopping too! I bought a lot of Christian books from . I used to buy a lot from Amazon as well but the delivery charges was a killer. I found instead and it’s only USD2.97 per book to have them sent anywhere in the world. The shipping charges for is great too.

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