Stray Thoughts…

  • Yesterday while I was making dinner, I noticed a puddle in front of the sink. I had also been loading the dishwasher while waiting on what I was cooking to be ready for the next step and figured something had sloshed over. So I wiped it up and continued on, when a few seconds later, there was another puddle. I called my husband and he discovered a leak under the sink: the piece that holds the drain tight against the bottom of the sink had corroded and broken. I felt bad that he had to spend his Sunday afternoon rest time fixing it, but I am glad he is able to do such things and this all happened while he was home and not out of town.
  • Jesse starts back to school in a little less than three weeks. I have mixed emotions. I admit I’ll be glad to get my quiet daytime hours back. 🙂 But I hate that we’re losing our relaxing summer days. He starts high school this year, which I knew, but it hadn’t really “hit” yet til yesterday when we were talking about the upcoming “promotion Sunday” at church where anyone moving up to a new Sunday School class does so, and he mentioned he’d be going in with the older teen guys. Wow, that’s scary! He goes to a small Christian school where many of the grades are in the same building, so in one sense going to high school isn’t quite as big a deal as if he were going to a whole new building. But it is still another step in the growing up…and away…process.
  • I would encourage young moms that eventually your kids do get old enough to entertain themselves and not clamor for your attention every moment. But the downside of that is that then as a parent you have to task the initiative to do things together. Every summer I have plans of projects we’re going to do, but then everyday life just takes over and we don’t get them done. For instance, one thing I have wanted to do is to have all the kids in the family room and play some of my favorite pieces of classical music while we all do whatever else we’re doing there, just to expose them to it and maybe discuss what little I know about the pieces and composer. I guess there still is time to do a little of that.
  • My mother-in-law did get her new hearing aid, and it does work a lot better for her — it is so nice to be able to have a regular conversation! She said it is also more comfortable — she has to double check to make sure she has it in. But she keeps wearing her old one. (Argh!!) We keep the old one for back-up, but she’s just more used to it. The part that goes in the ear of the newer one is bigger, though softer, and I think it is just a little harder to maneuver into her ear. The other day as we were talking, I could just tell she wasn’t hearing as well, and asked about her hearing aid, and sure enough she had the old one in. She said she thought it worked pretty good. I said, “No, it doesn’t….that’s why we got you a new one. You don’t hear as well with the old one.” I feel it is important to let her know that. Actually she does know that, but admits she gets “stuck in a rut.” I have thought about just asking her to change it when she has the old one in. Maybe I should print off this post for her. 🙂 No, I don’t think I’ll be that direct, but I might try to make some of the points there with her.
  • I need to sit down and think through things that need to be done in the next several days and map out a plan of action. I need to take Jesse to the store to try on school uniforms, which, unfortunately, is about 40 minutes away. But that’s better than the mail-order place we used to have to use, where you couldn’t try things on and had to pay to ship them back if they didn’t fit. Then we have to get school supplies, and I need to schedule him for the eye dr. and orthodontist — something I should have done earlier, but June was way too busy, and the rest of the summer just got past me too fast. I also have a number of projects and tasks that need to be mapped out and prioritized…
  • So I guess I had better get at it! Have a good Monday!

3 thoughts on “Stray Thoughts…

  1. Playing board games or cards is something I did with my children when they got older. I still play scrabble with my son and his wife whenever we’re together. I also used to like to go shopping and have lunch with them individually. It was good to spend time one on one.
    I remember when mine were in elementary school. I lived near my sister. We would take thme to register, go buy our car tags(due the same time) and on to buy the things on their list for school. Back then you had to pick it up that day. It’s so nice now that they have them in the stores. I saw them at Walmart Market yesterday. This is the second year in public school for my daughter’s 2 and the school buys the supplies if you want them to and you just pay them. That way everyone has the same thing.
    I’ve always liked the idea of uniforms. Then there is no problem with dress codes and someone dressing better than someone else. Several of the schools here have uniforms.
    I kind of understand your MIL about the new hearing aid. I was that way when I got new glasses frames. For years, I’d just have new lens put in the old frames that I liked. I had two of them and swapped back and forth. Then, I bought a more stylish frame two years ago. For about a year, I kept both in my purse and wore the old more often than not. I’ve finally gotten used to them.
    Maybe you could suggest keeping the older aid at your house or maybe she could start a schedule where she wore the old one every other day and so forth until she was used to the new one. I hope she isn’t getting feedback or something she isn’t telling for the reason she’s hanging on to the old one.

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