Show and Tell Friday: Family room and pin

Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home hosts “Show and Tell Friday” asking Do you have a something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, an antique find. Your show and tell can be old or new. Use your imagination and dig through those old boxes in your closet if you have to! Feel free to share pictures and if there’s a story behind your special something, that’s even better! If you would like to join in, all you have to do is post your “Show and Tell” on your blog, copy the post link, come over here and add it to Mr. Linky. Guidelines are here.

Recently I found this sweet little pin on sale at Sweet Necessi-Teas.

Sweet pin

If you’ve been reading here long, you know I love hearts and pink roses and vintage/old fashioned things…and sales! So this fit the bill all the way around!

As the shop’s name would suggest, most of its items have something to do with tea, but I didn’t notice until after I looked at it a while that the little charm at the bottom is a tea bag. Isn’t that cute? Unfortunately it’s a little dark right there in the picture.

I also loved the way it came packaged:


Something I hope to accomplish in the next week is to figure out how to arrange these

Family room decorations

On this wall.

Family room wall

A while back we replaced our TV and entertainment center, and the new cabinet was wider than the old one, so we had to take out bookcases that used to flank it and put them in another room. That left a lot of wall space. I’ve been collecting various items through sales and received some as gifts. I want to get a shelf as long as the long piece there (which, by the way, I got half-price at Hobby Lobby!) I am thinking of making three separate groupings, one over the TV, and one on each side, maybe placed a little lower. I’m thinking of putting the long plaque and a shelf over the TV.

The picture up there now is an older one I got during a Home Interiors craze that went through all my friends years ago. 🙂

Family room picture

It shows a mom stopping what she is doing to sit down and look at her child’s picture. I loved that — and hope I remembered to do that often! Of course, I love the house and flowers and colors in it, too. It’s appropriate for a family room, but I am trying to downplay pink and flowers in this room for the boys’ sake. So I haven’t decided whether to keep this in here or put it somewhere else…though there is really no room anywhere else for it.

I also had this painting over the mantle before receiving my Shepherd print.

Painting from Gayle

It is special to me because of who made it. Several years ago when we lived in GA, the church we attended had a “secret sister” program where we drew names at the beginning of the year and prayed for and did little things for our secret sister anonymously throughout the year and then found out who our secret sister was at the end of the year. I drew the name of a lady named Gayle, who was very artistic and crafty. She couldn’t do much in that vein for her secret sister, though, because then that would reveal who she was in our very small church. So she often waited to do something special til the end of the year. Well, that particular year I had her name, but we found we were going to have to move in May, so I went ahead and revealed my identity to her. She gave me this as a thank you. I love it because it is from her, and I love the dogwood blossoms — two of the four homes we have lived in have had white dogwoods. She admitted that the little bird ended up “looking like he was ready to peck someone’s eye out.” 🙂 She added the verse because she said it reminded her of me, though it is actually speaking of wisdom. I hope I have gained and display wisdom, pleasantness, and peace, though I assured her I am far from walking in any of those elements perfectly.

But I am not quite sure where to place this little birdie. Decisions, decisions!

Hopefully I’ll have this figured out and can show you the finished project next time.

Thanks to Kelli for creating and hostessing Show and Tell Friday! Other show-and-tellers can be found there.

13 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday: Family room and pin

  1. Ah! A blank wall and things to put upon it! That is one of my favorite chores! You want I should come over???

    That little tea bag charm is what would have attracted me TO that little pin! 🙂

  2. What a sweet pin (and wrapping:), I’m excited to see what you come up with! I think your collection is perfect for a family room. How cool to have such a pretty reminder in that little bird, of the lady, and your goal! Please post a follow up!

  3. I really like that little heart pin! I have that tea bag charm on my bracelet.

    Your blank wall is exciting, can’t wait to see what you come up with for the arrangement!

    The bird picture is very pretty.


  4. Hi Barbara,

    It takes me forever to decided on where to place things around the house too – sometimes, it has taken me as long as 6 month, even a year. But I am always happy with the results…

    So, no big deal if it’s taking you longer…. 🙂

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