Farewell, Summer, Fair But Faded Summer…

I mentioned earlier that I am a little more reluctant this year than usual to let go of summer, I think because our June was so busy that it didn’t seem like summer really began until a week or two into July. So I loved finding this poem here one Poetry Friday a few weeks ago. The whole poem is there, but these last two verses especially resonated with me as I say farewell to summer and hello to autumn.

Farewell To Summer

by George Arnold

The fitful breeze sweeps down the winding lane
With gold and crimson leaves before it flying;
Its gusty laughter has no sound of pain,
But in the lulls it sinks to gentle sighing,
And mourns the Summer’s early broken spell,—
“Farewell, sweet Summer,
Rosy, blooming Summer,
Sweet, farewell!”

So bird and bee and brook and breeze make moan,
With melancholy song their loss complaining.
I too must join them, as I walk alone
Among the sights and sounds of Summer’s waning.…
I too have loved the season passing well.…
So, farewell, Summer,
Fair but faded Summer,
Sweet, farewell.

7 thoughts on “Farewell, Summer, Fair But Faded Summer…

  1. Beautiful sentiment as we say good by to summer. I love fall so I am ready to let summer go. I am like Sally, I lived in Fl. so many years and summer is the same as the rest of the seasons. Just not quite as hot.


  2. Thank you for the visit. I love the poem “Farewell to Summer” as I too love summer. Fall is beautiful but it leads to winter. After a Christmas and a few pretty snowfalls, I dislike winter. The idea of the book list is great. I really enjoy genealogy and have a few genealogy related books ready for the long winter evenings. I enjoyed my visit.

  3. Being in southern California I’m hoping we can say farewell to summer soon!!!
    I upgraded my blog on wordpress and then hired karen to put the background on and widen my posting space. It was not in my expertise to do it myself. Karen’s link is and credits are on my sidebar…

  4. It’s wierd, the mixed feelings fall brings. Somehow I always feel my aging then. And it’s so beautiful with the leaves, but winter just lasts forever where I live…

    Great poem. You can tell because it gets me rambling so! 🙂

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