Blue Monday: Me!

Smiling Sally hosts a Blue Monday in which we can post about anything blue — pretty, ugly, serious or funny — and then link up to other Blue Monday participants.

I saw this quiz at Joyful Days last week, and when I took it and saw the results, I thought it would be perfect for Blue Monday. 🙂

You are most like:

You are Blue

You are cool and soothing, with a hidden spontanious side. You are deeper than most people percieve, and you care a lot for those whom you surround yourself with.

Take this quiz: Which Crayola Box of 8 Color Are You?

18 thoughts on “Blue Monday: Me!

  1. Yipes! I’m Green
    “The feeling of spring follows you. Newness, surprise, beginnings and growth. Your fresh perspective gives others much to consider.”

    (I’ve NEVER liked green!) Ah well. Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Wow I am yellow. That pretty much is my disposition. That is amazing. I loved doing that quiz. Thanks for the fun and your blue today. My favorite color is green, yellow is close enough. Smile.


  3. I’ve got yellow. The clouds part and the smell of daffodils and daisies fill the air when you are around. Your sunny disposition cheers most, and makes others (the jealous and bitter ones) wish you’d never gotten out of bed.

    Have a great week ahead!

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