Famous Firsts

I was working on another serious post this morning…but it was just not coming together. I’m going to let it incubate and give my addled brain a rest from thinking and from a busy week and do this fun-looking meme I saw at Melli‘s, who saw it at Thom‘s.

First Job: Besides baby-sitting for my Mom’s friends, I worked for a whole week at a fast food place. I don’t know if that counts since it was so short.

First Real Job: University Library.

First Favorite Politician: Ronald Reagan.

First Car: I’ve never had a car of my own. The first car I drove was my parent’s — I don’t even remember what it was. I’m not a car aficionado. It was small and tan.

First Record/CD: A set of Disney songs.

First Sport Played: Whatever we did in P.E. I’ve never played on an organized sports team.

First Concert: The Lutheran church I attended at the time took us to see Jesus Christ Superstar. Reading the words later — it doesn’t quite compute that a church youth group would go there…

First Foreign Country Visited: None!

First Favorite TV Show: Captain Kangaroo

First Favorite Actor: Bobby Sherman of Here Come the Brides. I wonder why we don’t see that one in reruns these days?

First Favorite Actress: The girl who played the daughter, Audra, on The Big Valley.

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: My cousin Tommy when I was 2, so my parents tell me.

First Encounter with a Famous Person: My Girl Scout troop went to see Ladybird Johnson when she came to declare Padre Island in Texas a national site. I was near enough to shake her hand but too shy to.

First Brush With Death: None that I know of for sure, but I’ve had some pretty close encounters in the car.

First House/Condo Owned: A fixer-upper that was way over our heads, though we didn’t know it at the time.

First Film Seen: Oh, boy, I don’t remember. One of the first I remember is The Love Bug.

First Favorite Recording Artist: The Monkees.

First Favorite Radio Station: I don’t remember from growing up. From college, early married days, WMUU.

First Book I Remember Reading: A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson.

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: The first weekly meme: this “Works for Me Wednesday” tip. First random, general meme I saw on someone else’s site and “borrowed”: 4 things meme.

If you borrow this, let me know and I’ll come read yours!

12 thoughts on “Famous Firsts

  1. OMG…A Ronald Reagan Fan..YAHOO!!! Well maybe not know but I like that answer for obvious reasons. The Love Bug…what a great show. Excellent Firsts…very much enjoyed them 🙂 Aloha

  2. LOL! Jesus Christ SUPERSTAR!!! I LOVED it! I never got to see the play/rock concert — but I saw the movie version later. That was an entirely different era Barbara… I think ALL the churches were taking their youth groups to it! I think most churches probably still would today. AND I think that show definitely had it’s purpose in exposing a lot of non-Christians to Christ for the first time… I have the CD’s of it — every now and then I still like to listen to them. I love Herod singing “prove to me that you’re no fool! Walk across my swimming pool!” LOL! Same story… just told from a liiiiiiiittle different angle!!!

    We shared a lot on this one. You don’t have your own car? What do you do when your husband is at work and you need to go somewhere? You must have good public transportation.

  3. We have two cars, but the family car is in both our names. It’s pretty much “my” car in practice. I’ve just never had my own car in my own name — drove my parents’ and then hubby’s — but that’s ok. I don’t necessarily want one. He’s making the money for the car and insurance and such anyway. 🙂

    I thought Jesus Christ Superstar was irreverent — I don’t know that anyone would have gotten who Christ really was from it. But it has been a long time since I looked at the lyrics.

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  5. You’re the second one this morning who’s meme I’ve read. The other one was Bill’s. Maybe I’ll borrow it, too… though I’m not at all sure I remember some of those things.

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