Graduation dinner and assorted stray thoughts

  • Poor Jeremy! It took all of yesterday to rectify my computer issues, but he made a disk that should shorten the process if it should ever happen again. Everything is up and running beautifully, even faster than before since, in selecting files to be backed up, we got rid of several we hadn’t used in ages.
  • The housework got mostly done — I’ve learned I never get everything done I’d like to before company comes, so have earned to prioritize. All of the major, regular stuff got done and we were presentable. There were just some spring-cleaning type things I would like to have gotten to, but likely no one but me knew they were needed.
  • The visit with out of town company went well, I think. I had mentioned being concerned about Mittu’s mom’s Indian accent since I have to really concentrate when we talk on the phone, but, as expected, it was much easier in person. It was a whirlwind weekend — I felt bad for the lack of down time to just sit and visit. But overall I think it was a good first visit. I thought, between her accent and Grandma’s hearing problems, they’d have a hard time understanding each other, but that didn’t seem to be a problem: in fact, they had a real affinity for one another.
  • Graduation day was very. very long, but good overall. The ceremony began at 9 a.m., so to account for being 45 minutes away, needing to get there about an hour early to be sure to get on the main floor, and getting 7 people through our one shower, I had to get up about 4:30. I had some things just sitting out for breakfast for everyone to get whatever they wanted whenever they weren’t in the shower. We got there in good time and did make the main floor — there is a balcony but no handrails on the steps and I get really wobbly up there. One little personal thing I was worried about: after the ceremony starts, if you leave the building you can’t reenter, just so there is not a lot of commotion and distraction, but you can go to another building where the overflow crowd can see the events broadcast. The thought of sitting for 2 and 1/2 hours without getting to the bathroom made me nervous, but God answers even such prayers. There were a few tummy troubles, but I think they were just from “nerves.” Believe it or not, I did stay awake the whole time! I lost focus and kind of zoned out a time or two, though.
  • Instead of having a graduation speaker, they have various students share a testimony while diplomas are being handed out (instead of calling each name out, they have a big screen showing each student as they receive their diploma and have their name displayed, so we did get to see them “close up” at that moment.) The testimonies are always a blessing as students share something about their college experience. I wish that people who think BJU is racist could see and hear the diverse group of graduates praising the Lord for what they’ve learned there and what He has done in their lives.
  • After graduation we met up with Jason, took pictures, greeted several other folks we knew, met a few of Jason’s teachers and friends as they stopped by. That’s always a fun if noisy and chaotic time.
  • A lot of people have some kind of drop-in party graduation afternoon or evening, but since we were too far from campus for most of the student friends to come, and there were four other graduates from church each having their own celebrations (plus a wedding that day!), we just went out to a nice restaurant for a family celebration that evening. We went to a Japanese place where they cook the food right there at your table.

Jeremy said this guy at the entrance looked like a Japanese Darth Vadar.
Japanese restaurant

Graduation celebration

Graduation celebration

Grandma had never been to a restaurant like this. She was taken aback — literally! — when the flame shot up at the beginning while the cook was cleaning the grill:


Our cook was great. This was the lava onion rings:

Graduation celebration

Graduation celebration at Japanese restaurant

Japanese restaurant

Graduation celebration

Grandma at Graduation celebration

The happy couple in life…

Graduation celebration

…and on cake…

Graduation celebration

Mittu had finished in December, but she chose not to “walk” for graduation. We wanted to honor her accomplishment as well, though.

We all attended church Sunday morning, then Mittu’s mom went home that afternoon. We decided to postpone our family Mother’s Day celebration til next week since we hadn’t really had time to do much for it, but Jim and the boys did make lunch and we had cards and little gifts for Grandma and Mittu’s mom. I had planned for Monday to be kind of a “day off.” It turned out not to be that exactly, but, still, it was really nice not to have to go anywhere! Jason and Mittu worked on creating a slide show for the wedding reception, so it was fun going through baby and childhood pictures. Then they spent hours printing off their wedding invitations and RSVP cards and stuffing envelopes. Though they’ve talked about wedding stuff for hours on the phone, it helps to discuss a lot of that kind of thing in person or with family around. I feel a lot of progress was made on that front.

Mittu goes home today, and Jason’s starts a new full time job Monday while continuing to work his part time one through the summer. I had thought the whirlwind of busyness would slow down this week, but Jesse has a piano recital and spring concert on two different nights this week. But, still, it is a lot less busy than last week.

Though usually I am a pretty sentimental person, somehow I haven’t really had those teary moments I’ve heard other moms express over a weekend like this. I think it was just too busy getting through everything! I have had “those mements” throughout the last several months, realizing this was Jason’s last Christmas at home before getting married, having him share something he wanted to do next Easter and then experiencing a pang when I said, “You won’t be here next Easter,” etc. Originally they had planned to go to CA after they got married, but since finding out they are going to be fairly nearby instead, I don’t have the feeling I am “losing” them. But I am sure between now and the wedding there will be several sentimental teary moments mixed in with the joy! For now there’s just joy.

Thank you, Lord, for such a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Graduation dinner and assorted stray thoughts

  1. Ohhhh I LOVED seeing all these pictures and hearing about your weekend! It’s so much fun to see your family – including MOM – involved in all this busy-ness! Honestly… I keep expecting my life to “settle down” – but it just never DOES! It really does amaze me how I can still be SO busy with children that are not dependent upon me for ANYthing… Do you think it might be ME???

  2. What a wonderful weekend you had and seeing your family was excellent. Mahalo for sharing this wonderful experience you had. 🙂 And as Melli says, we think things slow down and they just never seem to. Oh the joys of life. Aloha 🙂

  3. Whew! I got tired just reading about it all! But, it sounds like everything went very well. A Japanese restaurant is a great place to celebrate special family affairs. I love the picture of Jim’s mom’s reaction to the flames! 🙂 Hope you get a little bit of time to rest this week.

  4. I know what you mean about not being sentimental because the time might be too busy. Sometimes things really hit me afterwards when I actually get past the event and actually am able to slow down.

    Love the pictures from the restaurant. So much fun!

  5. I loved reading about and seeing all your pictures of the weekend! I wondered if your son graduated from BJU, but couldn’t tell from the pics – you answered that question when you mentioned the testimonies of the graduates. As for being busy . . . I too keep waiting for life to slow down, but it never does. I’m sure the Lord will give you grace for all those times when Jason and Mittu will not be there, and just think of all the doubled pleasures with a daughter-in-law!

  6. Thanks so much for the pictures and all of the memories, Barbara, that your family made this past weekend! You MIL looks like she would be alot of fun! *smile*

  7. My daughter was one of the grads and since we traveled from MI we too celebrated afterward in a restaurant. Even though we got to the college by 8:15 a.m., we were told that the lower lever was filled…so we sat in the balcony. The ceremony was very nice indeed; loved the large screens with the student’s names; loved the different testimonies. Afterward Kristy moved out of her dorm and into an apartment in town as she needs to complete her internship this summer. I too thought I’d be sad…but instead I was very glad for her! God has graciously given her many, many opportunities. Remember when BJU was called “The Opportunity Place” ?

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