Odds ‘n ends

  • The colors in the dress I am wearing today…


…remind me of sherbet.

  • I am up to almost a half-hour at a time on the Wii Fit. When I started I was doing good to last ten minutes.
  • I told Jason and Mittu that if they wanted me to I would address the wedding invitations to our church folks and our side of the family. Then I decided I wanted to print the envelopes on the computer because my handwriting, I’m sorry to say, is awful. I’ve printed envelopes before. but these were a non-standard size, and though I configured all the dimensions, the printer kept saying there was a size or type misfeed. I got lost in the online “help” instructions that popped up and called my computer expert, Jeremy, and he did everything he knew to do, and it still wouldn’t work. So he tried it on my husband’s computer and printer and finally got it to work there. Somewhere in that hour’s wasted time and frustration, the thought occurred to me, “You know, all of these people have seen your handwriting before.” Oh, well…once I finally got going, it clipped along fine, and they do look nice, I think.
  • A couple of weeks ago at the post office I saw a sign for wedding stamps. How timely! There were two designs, one with wedding rings and one with wedding cake. I thought it would be cute to put one style on the outside and one on the RSVP envelope, so I bought accordingly. I didn’t notice until I got ready to stamp the first one that the cake stamps were 61 cents. So I determined to exchange them during my errands this morning. As I dug the receipt out of my purse, I saw that it said at the bottom, “All sales of stamps are final.” “Uh oh — what am I going to do with 61 cents stamps?” I decided to make a try for it anyway (and if you knew me twenty years ago, you’d know I have come a long way to think that. I used to get intimidated when trying to return things, especially if they gave me any trouble about it. One such incident resulted in tears and my poor husband having to return it for me). But I’m familiar with the folks at the local P.O., having been up there repeatedly with ladies’ group packages to missionaries and students. The friendly neighborhood postman did indeed exchange them for me, bless his heart. I asked what the 61 cent ones were used for: he said they were for over-sized envelopes.
  • Upon returning to the house, I saw our friendly neighborhood garbage truck had once again left our garbage can in the driveway. I don’t know how, when the truck is automated with arms that lift the can straight up, dump it, and then put it straight back down, the can lands a couple of feet from the corner, where we leave it, to the driveway itself. Nevertheless I sent one son, who shall remain nameless, out to remedy the situation. Instead of returning the can back to its place behind the house, since it was now empty, he put it back in front of the corner of the yard, where we place it for pick-up, and he could not understand my incredulity that he would walk all the way out to the curb, move the empty can two feet, and leave it there instead of bringing it back up to the house. Obviously, my work is not yet done…

12 thoughts on “Odds ‘n ends

  1. I had to chuckle big time at your son and the rubbish can. That is so typical of kids. I think I use to do that kind of thing and now that I’m “older” I get so frustrated with them. It just was too funny. Ya know I can’t figure out either how the rubbish cans end up so far away from where they are placed. I’ve watched our automated trucks and they are anything but gentle I will say but they do move way far away from where they were placed. Thank goodness your postman gave you a refund. Helps to know them or even for that matter be charming sometimes. I guess they must know that weddings use more oversized envelopes…that’s a first that the post office is onto something that makes sense LOL. Computers…aren’t they something else. In all my years using them, they can still be such a pain in the ass to use and get things done. What seems to be so easy, you can rip your hair out by the roots trying to solve. At least the most important thing was done and the invites got out and I bet your handwriting was angelic 🙂

  2. Actually we did finally get to print them off on my husband’s computer, so the friendly neighborhood postman was spared trying to decipher my handwriting. 🙂

  3. LOL! Kids! Our work is NEVER done with them — well, until we turn them over to their WIFE! But with daughters, it’s just NEVER done!

    I would prefer to print the envelopes just because I’m too lazy to write them! But… having said that – it is true that my handwriting has gotten a LOT worse over the years! It used to be very niiiiiiice handwriting actually! But you know what they say – use it or lose it! Well… computers, and email… I hardly ever write anymore – except for my Bible studies! (good thing I do a lot of them!) But then – I print! I don’t ever use cursive except to sign my name!

    Jewl WAS covered with soap! Even had soap on her nose! She was in the bathtub… but that picture was from LAST summer. Although she neeeeeeds to be in the bathtub again… but she HATES it. I mean she HATES it! I have the only Labrador RETRIEVER in the whole world who hates water! She’s a sad sack!

  4. I have lovely handwriting if I am not stressed — which pretty much means when I want it to be lovely, it isn’t!

    I know the hassles of trying to get the printer and the computer to agree on the size of whatever is being printed and actually get it to run. I’m glad you succeeded.

    And as to the garbage can — did you specifically tell him to “put it away” or did you just say “move it”? I’m sure you know, your word choice was critical! LOL!

  5. My kids do EXACTLY what I ask them to, and not one thing more. If there are two glasses on the counter, and I say “Wash these two glasses,” they would do that – and leave the knife which is also on the counter. My work is not done either!

    I worked out for half an hour at the Y this morning. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it!

  6. I agree with Ann above – my kids, especially one of the boys, do just exactly what we ask. Which is wonderful; at least they don’t do a half job of what we specifically ask. But it sure would be nice if they’d just think every now and then! LOL

  7. Sounds like good progress on that Wii! Way to go, Barb.

    The stamp idea was a good one. How cool would that have been. I have multiple personality handwriting, myself. It starts one way and as I relax into it it’s really quite good penmanship and then as I get tired it gets very casual with a odd mishmash of handwriting/printing going on. Weird. LOL.

  8. Thank you for stopping by the blog today, glad you enjoyed the Celtic Music. My handwriting is anything but decipherable (did I spell this correctly), and I have yet to figure out how to set up the printer. It is in the Office somewhere. We still have garbage men who come around and take the garbage, so don’t have to worry about the cans. When I was young I didn’t look at the whole picture, but as I got older wisdom finally set in.

    I enjoyed this and have bookmarked your blog and will be back for another visit.

  9. I had to laugh about your son and the garbage can. When I ask Libby to do something, her first response is “Say WHAT????!!!” but then she does it- or half of it…

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