WFMW: Need craft organization tips


Works For Me Wednesday is hosted by We Are THAT Family. General information about WFMW can be found here or by clicking the button above, but the basic idea is to share a tip that you’ve found useful that you’d like to share with others.

Today I don’t have a tip: I need tips for how to store and organize crafts items, particularly scrapbooking supplies, so that they’re easily accesible. I have things scattered and tucked hither and yon and would like to make it more usable. I can use suggestions about store-bought organizing tools or made or “found” ones — I have a gift card to Michael’s that I could possibly use for this.

I do have one of those accordion file boxes with dividers for different colored scrapbook paper plus some of those clear plastic drawers. But some of the stuff is just jumbled together in the drawers.

So…what are your best ideas for storing

Cricut cartridges
Cuttlebug templates
Scrapbooking paper and card stock
Embellishments for scrapbooking and card-making
Stamps (the kind you stamp in ink with, not the kind you collect)
Ink pads
Artificial flowers

…and any other crafts you can think of.


19 thoughts on “WFMW: Need craft organization tips

  1. If you don’t have too many stamps, you could display them up on a shelf. After all, they are little works of art! I used to do this when I was into stamping (gave it up long ago as I was cutting back on expenses) and it made it easier to see what I had.
    You might laugh at my way of storing ribbons and buttons–in sushi containers! Seriously, they have these pretty flowered bottoms and clear tops and are thin and stack nicely. I clean them with bleach very carefully, let them dry, and the store one color at a time in them. I have them stacked up on a small bookshelf.
    Try to find containers you can see into, or at least get yourself a cool label maker and label everything. Oh, and stick with squared shapes as much as possible. They sit together better and there is no wasted space like there is with round containers.

    • I have never seen a sushi container — I’ve never had it. I winder if you can get just the containers?

      Thanks for the idea about the stamps — they are indeed works of art in themselves!

  2. I found the coolest item at Michaels. It’s an organizing center that has shelves on it that are wide enough to fit a small jar (think baby food) and the bottom two shelves have a dowel going across the bottom to put your ribbon on. That’s what I have in my craft room. I’m slowly filling it up and making use of my friend’s empty baby food jars.
    Those shelves would probably perfectly fit your stamp pads and stamps.

  3. Could you store the stickers in a binder filled with plastic sheet protectors? maybe if you used a divider set you could manage them into categories, like floral, birthdays, etc.

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  5. I don’t scrapbook, but I sew and knit. I use glass jars for things like ribbons, and I use jars that we buy all the time (like pasta sauce). This means that I have heaps of them (for free!) so they stack neatly. Would this work for your ribbons or other things?

  6. Hello! I just reviewed a video by Jennifer McGuire- the best way to keep your clear stamps is to sort them by season, etc. and put them in 5×7 photo holders in a 3 ring binder. The larger clear stamps will be kept in an 8×10 photo holder. I have categories for each of the stamps so I know exactly where each on of them is located.

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