Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

Today was Jeremy’s 25th birthday!


Have I really been a mom for a quarter of a century now?

I love and appreciate my first-born: he survived our first-time-parent mistakes with grace, is always ready to help, has a dry sense of humor, is quick to want to get things right again when there has been any kind of rift. He has a good mind which I hope and pray he will always use as unto the Lord.

Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. II Timothy 2:1.

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!
Love you, hon!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

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  2. Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

    Barbara I know how you feel!! My oldest is Carrie and she turned 52 in May. When she turn 5o it really hit me that I had a child who was half a century old!!
    On the other hand Kelly is 30 years old!!! Carrie and I had babies together 30 years ago. Brandon was 30 in Feb. Kelly and Brandon have always been close.
    Hugs, Grams

  3. You know… with Jason getting married, I just assumed HE was your oldest!

    Happy BELATED birthday Jeremy! 25 is not so bad Barb… MY eldest is 32! OUCH!

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