The neglected temple

As I finished reading from Our Daily Walk by F. B. Meyer this morning, I noticed a little post-it tab sticking up from one of the pages. I looked to see what it was I had tabbed — and was blessed all over again. This reading is from July 22:


“And when the burnt offering began, the song of the Lord began also with the trumpets, and with the instruments ordained by David king of Israel.”– 2Ch 29:27.

THE HEBREW Psalmody became famous throughout the world. Even their fierce conquerors recognized the sublime beauty of the Hebrew temple music. By the waters of Babylon they urged them to sing one of the Songs of Zion, not knowing how impossible it was for the captives to sing the Lord’s song in a strange land! For sixteen years no song had poured forth from the sacred shrine. Ahaz had shut the doors, dispersed the Levites, and allowed the holy fabric to remain unkempt, unlit, and unused. There were no sacrifices on the Altar, no sweet incense in the Holy Place, no blood on the Mercy-Seat, no Song of the Lord!

For too many Christians this, alas, is a picture of their life. The soul, intended to be a holy temple for God, shows signs of disorder and neglect. The lights are not lit, the sweet incense of prayer does not ascend, the doors of entrance to fellowship and exit to service are closed. Outwardly the ordinances of the religious life are preserved, but inwardly silence and darkness prevail, into which bat-like thoughts intrude. Thorns have come up in the court of the Holy Place, where the scorpion makes her nest. The Song of the Lord had died out of heart and life.

Why should not this miserable condition be ended to-day? Why should you not be cleansed from the traces of sin and neglect through the Blood of the Cross? Why should you not come back into fellowship with God, who waits to receive and forgive? Surrender yourself to Him now. Do not be general, but specific in your consecration. Weld yourself to some life or lives that sorely need help. Give not words only, but deeds and blood. Merge your little life in the life of Christ, as the streamlet in the wide ocean. And as you yield yourself to Christ first, and next to all who need you for His sake, you will find the Song of the Lord breaking forth again in your heart like a spring, which was formerly choked with debris.


We pray Thee, Heavenly Father, to cleanse the thoughts of our hearts, by the inspiration of Thy Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love Thee, and worthily magnify Thy Holy Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.

3 thoughts on “The neglected temple

  1. Exactly. That is how my life was before I made the conscious decision to concentrate on my relationship with Jesus. I still called myself a Christian… I was still baptised! But I wasn’t really living the life. Wasn’t walkin’ the walk. I was robbing myself of sooooooo much!!!

  2. I was here this morning but didn’t have time to read and linger and think so I waited for a peaceful moment to return.

    Since I have come to Hawaii, my spirit of worship has been lacking. I left a church where I was a mover and a shaker and a leader. I managed a thriving ministry group and spoke from the pulpit at least once per quarter. I attended Sunday school on a regular basis, worship services at least twice per week and did a daily Bible study on my own. Here, nada.

    The first church I attended didn’t believe women belong in ministry and if I wanted to serve I could make coffee, the kitchen was in the back … I was so discouraged and a bitterness began to grow in me in relation to church related things.

    Our move into town meant a change of churches and Charley was readily accepted into this congregation, but for some reason I was not greeted with enthusiasm. I volunteered for many things but was mostly ignored except for menial jobs. I did them and tried to make friends. It didn’t seem to work.

    Finally, I got fed up and decided if I wanted to have a descent worship experience here, I’d have to provide it for myself — and I started my own Bible Study and devotions again — and suddenly I am welcomed into the church and peopel are friendly and welcoming.

    From that I perceive that they were not stopping me from participating, my attitude was the barrier. I needed to be right with God before I could be of service to anyone else!

    (I know — duh, but the problem is often hardest to see when we’re standing right on top of it.)

    I seems to post longer posts here than I do on my own blog! Yikes!

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