Saturday morning cartoons

Did you grow up watching Saturday morning cartoons? I did. I think it was the parents’ way of keeping us occupied so they could sleep in.

These aren’t cartoons, but here are a few interesting things I’ve seen lately:

The Remember Song. I can all too easily identify…

I don’t drink beer. Cute. But all good reasons!

Hot Pockets. My kids like to eat Hot Pockets for lunch some times, so this cracked us all up.

I don’t know how to embed this one since it is from another service, but it is titled “How to fit in at almost any church.” It would probably be more aptly titled “What not to do to draw undue attention to yourself at church.” My favorite is fact-checking the pastor on Wikipedia during the service — although I have heard some things from preachers that probably should have been checked our before being shared…

This isn’t a blanket endorsement of any of these people — all I know about them is what’s on these clips.

Happy Saturday!

5 thoughts on “Saturday morning cartoons

  1. I liked the memory song! I’ve seen the church one before… it’s funny too! The hot pocket guy …. uhm… I’m iffy on him!

    GUESS WHAT??? Beth Moore has the recipe for Texas Sheet Cake on her blog today! LOL!

  2. Aw, I tried! Ever since I’ve moved, I cannot get speedy internet service; they don’t HAVE it here–something about not being close to towers. Anyway, I cannot view videos! I play it and within the first 11 seconds, it stops 4 times! I just don’t have that much time or patience.

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