More odds and ends…

I like to change my blog header seasonally but this year I just did not want to put anything cold or snowy there, and I couldn’t find a fireplace photo I liked. This design was given to me free by Everyday Mommy years ago, and it just fits me perfectly! I like to put it in when I don’t have a seasonal photo there. She does great work.

There were a couple of photos from our fireworks New Year’s Eve that I wanted to share. I can’t remember whether this was something  Jim got Jeremy for Christmas or something one of them got “just because” or what, but it’s a clip-on thing for a cap that has little flashlights in it:

Without the flash he looks like a cyborg or something:

Sure, it might look a little geeky — but it is great when you need light but want to keep your hands free. 🙂

Last night we went to one of those places where you drive through and look at all the lights. These were the only pictures of the lights that didn’t come out too


They had one area where the animals were roaming around freely, and this emu came over to say hi.

For a few minutes Jim had his hand shaped like a bird’s head and moved his fingers like a bird’s bill, talking to the emu, and the emu kept cocking his head looking at Jim’s hand, wondering, I guess, what this creature was and what language it was speaking. I was trying to get a picture of that but missed it. It was so funny.

But the funniest thing of the night occurred with this creature that looked part zebra and part donkey. It and another zebra were visiting the car in front of us (the place sold bags of food we could feed to the animals, but we didn’t get any this year). We watched for a while, but then it seemed it had been an inordinately long time. We were ready to move and were wondering why the car in front of us wasn’t moving. Then we became aware that the zebra/donkey had positioned himself in front of the car with it’s nose on the hood and was not moving:

I don’t know what it was doing — trying to warm it’s nose or what. And the other zebra was just looking on the whole time. As we were finally able to get past them, we were making up lines for it (“Hey, baby, come here often?” etc.)

The area had a place at the end with a petting zoo and a little shop and place to get hot chocolate, but it was way cold and seemed later than it was, and we just didn’t feel like stopping. Well, Jason did, but he acquiesced for the rest of us. It was a fun outing though I enjoy it more before Christmas, but there just didn’t seem to be a good time beforehand.

Christmas decorations come down today. I’m ready, but it does seem like it all went so fast!

I got the ladies’ booklet done yesterday and have to restock the missions closet today — one of our missionaries is in the area for just a few weeks, and I don’t know exactly when he might be at our church, but I want to be ready. We might have Grandma over for dinner and Scrabble tonight depending on how the rest of the day goes. It’s pretty slow going when she plays, but it is one of her favorite things to do.

Tomorrow will be a regular Sunday, then Monday, it’s back to the ol’ routine. I’m missing a lot of the specialness of the Christmas season already, but a part of me is looking forward to the start of a new year and gearing up to get some things done.

I don’t usually do “resolutions,” but the New Year does provide a good time to look back, reflect, and evaluate things and maybe set some goals. Things have been going pretty constantly for the past 2-3 weeks, and there hasn’t been a lot of time to think about it yet, but so far my mindset is just to continue on with what I’ve been doing. A lot of the goals I set last New Year’s are not done yet, to my shame, so I’ll just work on those.

Hope your New Year is going swimmingly so far!

9 thoughts on “More odds and ends…

  1. I love your new header my friend. It’s just beautiful. Well done. I love the thought of the zebra’s that you came up with LOL. Too funny. Makes you wonder what they are thinking. Wonderful photos as well. Night photos are so hard to do if you ask me. Mine are up on my Flickr account. Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. GRRRR! I had a long comment written and accidentally exited out! SHOOT! LOL! Oh well… it wasn’t important. Jim is lucky the emu didn’t try to EAT his hand! Maybe emus are not as vicious as an ostrich. We got chased down by an ostrich one time! They’re MEAN! I was trying to remember what those zebra things are called… we have them at the Baltimore Zoo – okipai or something like that! And they have big ears! They are funny lookin’ creatures!

    We never did get out to look at lights this year. I think that’s the first time since I’ve been a MOM that we haven’t gone out to look at lights. I think the snow messed up a lot of our plans!

    I’m ready to be done with Christmas – but Dennis built a fire in the fireplace and now I’m just sitting here enjoying it. I have a pot of chili on for supper and I don’t think the decorations are going ANYwhere today. Maybe tomorrow. I really AM sick of them!

  3. You captured some neat pics!! The creature with his nose on the car is a bit strange! I have been so busy with family visiting that I haven’t given thought to the New Year yet…tomorrow should provide some thought time ;-).

  4. Loved the pics, Barbara, especially of the Zebra/Donkey…wierd! It looks like it has zebra socks on!
    AND I couldn’t help myself but when I read your comment about Scrabble being slow-going when Grandpa plays just struck me as soooo funny! Maybe it’s because everyone thinks I am slow when I play games? LOL

  5. That was an interesting side trip, Barbara. I’m glad the emu didn’t bite.

    The flowers are a deep blue; I’m sorry that they’re showing up purple on your screen.

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