Laudable Linkage and a Question

Some interesting and edifying things seen round the Web lately:

The basis of Project 1189 is a plan to read all 1,189 chapters of the Bible within a two year period, not, as is said here, to “[conquer] the Word, merely circumnavigating the biblical globe so we can say, ‘I’ve done it!'” but rather “to encounter Him.” Or, as he says in explaining the challenge, “This is not so much a challenge to a journey through the Word, as if we were the knife and it the meat to be carved. It’s the journey of the Word through us. It is allowing ourselves to be taken where the Story would take us, to be shaped, to be remade, to be changed.” Different helps or thoughts or encouragements are posted along the way. One I found of particular help was On spiritual reading.

Wendy at Practical Theology for Women reminds us in Impulse Control that even with medical conditions that make make us more prone to certain sins, “In Christ, I am supernaturally equipped to obey even in the midst of the struggle” and “God does understand how our bodies and minds function both when healthy and when ill. And in Christ, He has made a way for us to deal with that intense temptation to sin that accompanies hormonal peaks and valleys.” Very convicting and yet reassuring.

Wendy also posted about her frustration with Pink Fluffy Bunny Women’s Bible Studies with a recommendation of a Bible study book I want to get.

Many of us start to think about dieting and weight loss after the feasting of the holiday season and the fresh start of a New Year. Conversion Diary shares some thoughts on food and sin from her own experience.

Elisabeth Elliot shares the story behind the writing of one of my favorite poems, “Afraid? Of What?

Eldercare ABC Blog has a lot of good articles, one this week being How to address difficult moments in care-giving.

Semicolon has 12 Tips for New Bloggers, Especially Book Bloggers.

And that leads me to my question. From time to time I think about splitting off into another blog, perhaps a separate book blog, or perhaps separating the “fun” stuff from the “serious” stuff (I did actually start a new one once dealing with attempts at weight-loss, which, sadly, I’ve not kept up with). I know some of my readers are interested in one area but not the others, and that’s ok: I am grateful (and amazed) that anyone reads here for any reason, and I certainly don’t expect anyone to hang on my every word. My blog has always been a “hodgepodge,” and while I do read and like certain blogs with a single purpose, I also enjoy the general ones where you see different sides of the whole person. Plus I have really disliked it when other blogger friends have started new blogs, and their first blog contains constant links that say, “Go read what I wrote over here.” Plus, to build up readership of a blog you have to “get out and meet the neighbors” under the auspices of that blog, and I have enough to do just keeping up with blogging friends I already read. So for all those reasons I talk myself out of it and just post everything here, even if it sometimes means I post more than once a day, which I don’t like to do because most people only read what’s on top. But I wanted to get your thoughts and opinions. Do you like blogs focused on a main purpose or “hodgepodge” blogs? Is there any value in dividing blogging material up into separate blogs?

Finally: my boys loved launching model rockets and got a kick out of this:

12 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage and a Question

  1. I have really never understood folks that have more than one blog. Yes I do have two but Scuttlebutt is all about the TV shows basically and it’s a good way to communicate with my mom about that. I for one like your blog the way it is. When you right about a book or something I just don’t comment if I don’t read books etc. I’m so with you on those that say go read what I wrote here…pffft… I prefer just put it on one blog and let your readers decide if they want to comment or not. Not everyone comments on everything I post and that’s okay…certain things just don’t appeal to everyone but that’s the beauty of blogging. Eventually it all does. So I vote for just keeping this wonderful blog the way it is πŸ™‚

    • Thanks. Thom. πŸ™‚ I can understand why people have more than one blog, and in some cases it works great — I’m just contemplating whether that’s the route I should go.

  2. Hey Barbara! Hodgepodge! (Fits my personality.) Where was I on your post today? Just kidding. πŸ™‚ I may not have time to post today – got two sets of company coming in the next 18 hours and too much to do to get ready!

    It was really nice to see you last night – just wish there had been more time to talk. Homecoming night is a bit choppy for me as there are many graduates there who want to say hello.

  3. I like your blog just the way it is! So, I’m happy to hear that you are going to keep it just the way it is!
    Besides I don’t have time to read another blog! πŸ™‚
    I like hodgepodge! Just go have a look at MY blog and you see that I really do! πŸ™‚

  4. I like both types of blogs, but honestly, Barbara, I have often thought about how much I like the balance of your blog. You have book reviews, Bible study topics, everyday family life, informative articles, memes . . . I like your hodgepodge approach! Rarely do I follow more than one of a person’s blogs, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t follow another one by you.

    As for more than one post a day, I subscribe to all the blogs I read through Google Reader, which shows me every new post on each blog since the last time I signed in. So when you post 2 entries in one day, when I open my Reader, both of your entries are there for me to read. I get them all!

    Again, I love your blog just the way it is. I think you’ve found the perfect balance.

  5. Oh, I don’t mind your site as is really. I enjoy reading book reviews when you have them (admittedly what first got me here) and your personal posts wherein I’ve gotten to know you a little better. I say keep it just the way it is!

  6. I am NOT a big fan of multiple blogs! I don’t see any reason for it. My blog is WHO I AM… it’s what I’m doing and what’s going on in my life! And with that said…. that IS how I prefer my friends blogs to be too. I don’t want to only know what your reading, or what your making, or what your praying or where you’re traveling. I want to know YOU. Period.

    EVEN when my good good GREAT buddy, Dr. John divided his blog up, I missed reading his stories and things… but I didn’t go track them down very often either. Occasionally … if I was really bored… But most of the time I just want to come by and see what’s up with my friends each day and then be on my way! Of course, I do also “prefer” just one post a day. Fortunately I only have 2 friends that consistently post multi-posts per day! (I myself even posted twice today… but that happens once in a blue moon!)

    I LOVE your blog! And I LOVE that you understand when I don’t always get around EVERY day. But I do usually play catch up! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh… by the way. I also agree about wanting to read the Bible in a year – or in two years (which sounds much more reasonable to me)…. It’s not a race or something to do just to SAY you did it! I always SAY I’m going to DO it each year – because I have only done it ONCE – and it didn’t take me a year — but that was the first time I read the Bible when I thought it was a chronological story — oh BOY was I confused! I got NOTHING out of it that reading! But now I would just like to do it – because there are so MANY parts of the Bible that I have never read (with thought), and I would like to do that. I would like to know ABOUT everything that’s in there. BUT… if it takes me 5 years of multiple Bible studies per week — that’s fine too! I just sometimes feel like a fool when something leads to something that I am CLUELESS about — and of course, I can’t stand to REMAIN clueless – so I have to ASK! But I feel dumb!

    Also… my nephews used to set off bottle rockets – and the would LOVE that video! I’m sure they’ve probably seen it! But I’ll have to post it one of their FB walls. That is toooooooo funny!

  8. I like that your blog is multi-faceted. I find those kinds of blogs more interesting.

    Mine is a books-and-life blog, mainly because I can’t write about one without the other — books make me think about things beyond their covers, and often they make me live differently in some way.

    Enjoyed that list of tips from Semicolon. Thanks for sharing these links.

  9. I enjoy your blog the way it is, Barbara. The name says it all … stray thoughts. And I don’t follow peoples’ “other” blogs either. Not enough time.

    Your question has started me thinking, though, about my own blog. It is rather one-dimensional, its purpose being to mentor women. Perhaps I should consider opening it up a little.

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