Microfiction Monday


Susan at Stony River has begun a Microfiction Monday wherein participants write a story in 140 characters or less based on a particular image that Susan has chosen for the day.  Design 215’s Character Counter helps keep track of the number of characters. It’s a fun exercise in creative conciseness…or concise creativity… You can visit Susan’s to see some very creative stories for today.

The picture for today and my take on it:

“Let’s go see the pirate ship!”

“But what about the roller coaster?”

“I really want to see the pirate ship!”

Sigh. “Okay, Dad.”

15 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday

  1. Roller coasters are fun so count me in. But then I’d want to see the ship also. Hey I’m no fuddy dud . lol Barbara Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on “This Blog Of Mine” sure appreciate your visits.


    Thanks Larry.

  2. OMG! You know I took this photo at Disneyland Paris? — and that was almost the exact conversation we were having! I was yelling WANNA PIRATES! while the kids were heading off for the teacup ride or Indiana Jones — they all had their own plans and I had mine ROFL

    I loved your ‘Okay DAD’, I laughed out loud!

  3. Too much fun 😀 – it does remind me of a few theme parks I’ve visited with my daughters…. it seems my interests in certain thrills simply. are. not. shared! Great job this week!

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