Friday’s Fave Five

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week. Click on the button to read more of the details, and you can visit Susanne to see the list of others’ favorites or to join in.

1. A dinner date with hubby at Cracker Barrel. I think I may have mentioned a time or two that it is at least one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite restaurant. Saturday night found us with no kids at home, so Jim asked me if I’d like to go eat there. And what makes that even more special is that he is not crazy about Cracker Barrel, but he knows how much I like it. Unfortunately, I think his negative opinion is even more firmly cemented now, as a number of things went wrong….it was almost comic afterward in retrospect though not so much at the time.

2. Coca-Cola cake — a new addition to the desserts at Cracker Barrel. So. Very. Good. I ordered it to go and split it over a couple of days. My mouth was happy for a long time. 😀

3. Celebrating my daughter-in-law’s birthday. They took a quick trip to see her mom on her actual birthday, but we had our family celebration when they got back. Even though I made a mistake on the cake, it still tasted good, and they all tell me that’s what counts. 🙂 It was fun to shop for things I thought she might like — and fun to buy feminine wrapping paper (which is rare for a mom of all boys. 🙂 )

4. Going to a concert to see the King’s Singers!!!!!! One of my all-time favorite groups! I thought about writing a separate post about it but just haven’t had time to — I still might. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a mostly a capella group of 6 men that began as students at King’s College Cambridge in the 1960s. They decided to continue on even after graduation and after a member had to leave: now they audition and bring in new members as the older ones retire. They sing a wide variety of music from hymns, folk songs from various countries, classical music, and pop songs. Not only do they have some of the most gorgeous voices God ever gave anybody, but they entertain — on some of the lighter songs they “act” out the parts or do hand motions that really fit the piece they’re singing and crack up the audience. Here are a couple of samples of their work:

One funny one — the end is the best!

And a serious one:

Sorry the video quality isn’t better!

Here’s one more that is clearer, and this group except one is the current group that we saw:

5. The Olympic ice-dancing free dances of American team Meryl Davis and Charlie White and Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who won silver and gold, respectively. I was rooting for Meryl and Charlie, of course! 🙂 But they all did beautifully, and I think it is neat that they are all friends and train together as well.

And that is it for a great week! Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

18 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Oh – I’m listening to Greensleeves right now – what incredible harmony!

    A belated Happy Birthday to your daughter by love – I had a little girl after 4 sons – I know exactly what you mean when you write of the joy in buying feminine things. I was in pink heaven. And now I have 3 daughters by love – more girly things to buy 🙂

    Happy weekend!

  2. Boy that one fella in the last clip is really TALL! They are WONDERFUL! I wonder if they will come anywhere near us… I’ll have to google and see. I would enjoy them very much! I love a cappella!

    I’m afraid I’m with Jim on Cracker Barrell. I liked it the first time I ate there… and I guess I like it okay for breakfast. But I’m not crazy about lunch or dinner. Their food is all very heavy. And a lot of grease. I guess it’s just “good ol’ southern cookin'”! LOL!

    I’ve made THAT mistake on cakes before! LOL! It IS the taste that counts!

  3. Oh, I will have to look up the King’s Singers!

    I’m not sure we even have a Cracker Barrel around here. I did visit one years ago in Maryland, however. A fun and cozy place, as I recall.

  4. I love a cappella I will have to come back and listen to the music when I am not in a public lab. Too many people working here.

    I would like to try Coca Cola cake, but I really don’t miss Cracker Barrel restaurants. I love the gift shop and the food tastes great, but I suffer from it for the next two days. No idea why.

  5. I love those videos. Just awesome. Coca-Cola Cake? I have never heard of such a thing. I’ve never ever eaten at Cracker Barrel. Never heard of them either LOL. Great FFF my friend. Have a wonderful Friday and a great Weeekend 🙂

  6. I love the ice-dancing, too. It’s my favorite event of the Olympics. And Cracker Barrel…they have the best pancakes. I usually get them every time, even at night.

    Glad you had a great week. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Coca-cola cake – that’s an oldie but a goodie. It used to be a staple at potlucks at our church. We just ate at Cracker Barrel this past weekend but I didn’t look at the dessert menu. I’ll have to check it out next time we are there.

  8. I have never been to a Cracker Barrel (don’t think we have them in CA), but I need to try one once when I am in the East again, I keep reading about them on blogs.

    Hurrah for olympic gold for the USA! I have not been following closely, but it seems like we are doing great.

  9. We LOVE Cracker Barrel and make sure we visit at least one when we’re in the southern US! I’d love to hear the story of all that went wrong!

    Happy Birthday to your DIL!!!!

    I’m going to have to tell my boys about the King’s Men. They both love a capella, and these guys sure do a great job. I’m also going to see if they’re coming anywhere near Vancouver; it won’t take much to convince Wes to go hear them.

  10. Love Greensleeves. And they do it beautifully, the Bumblebee one was funny.

    Isn’t that the way things go with a restaurant that is not a fave for somebody. That has happened a few times with my hubby too, but so nice that yours took you anyway.

    I had the ice dance on my list too. I thought both teams were incredible!

  11. I absolutely looove Cracker Barrel, too!!! The closest one to us is about 60 miles away but we do a couple of times a year AND I love their gift shop, too! I always head for the sale corner! 🙂
    It is so neat to have those fun times with our husbands, hm? 🙂
    I love Coke Cake, too. A lady that used to go to our church made the best! Oh my! Add a cup of hot coffee and it’s heaven! 🙂

  12. I think we live in parallel universes…

    Sounds like your hubby and mine share the same opinion of Cracker Barrel.
    I adore shopping for my daughter-in-law because I can buy girl things — like flowered gift paper!
    I love the Kings Singers! (Have you ever heard Glad, an acapella Christian men’s group?)

    Enjoyed this — happy weekend!

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