Friday’s Fave Five

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts Friday’s Fave Five so we can share our favorite things from the last week. This has been a wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God gives. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

Here are some of my favorites from this week:

1. Making a dent in cleaning out our shed and finding some treasures while doing so.

2. Finding some baby birds in the hanging plants on the patio. I can see the parents flying in and out from my kitchen window.

I don’t know what kind of birds they are, but even the full grown parents aren’t very big.

3. This sausage, pasta, and veggies dish:

I adapted it from this recipe: I use turkey sausage (from Hillshire Farms — really good flavor, and no, this isn’t a paid ad. 🙂 ); I do not use tomatoes or green pepper; I do use yellow summer squash as well as zucchini; and I use elbow macaroni instead of penne pasta — I love most pasta but have never liked penne for some reason. This is a hearty, filling meal, but it is not heavy — it has a light summery feel.

4. My very own breakfast bowl, which I was making long before they became popular at fast food places. 🙂

I adapted it to a single serving from this recipe for Country-Style Eggs.

5. I don’t think I have ever before mentioned food as three of my five faves — but, hey, why not. 🙂 Every now and then I enjoy those Nestle’s Toll House “break-apart and bake” cookie dough packages. I know recipe purists who frown on those, but sometimes I just get a hankering for nearly homemade cookies when I really don’t have time to make them, and those fit the bill today.

Hope you have a great weekend and a happy Fourth of July! Today is Grandma’s 82nd birthday, so we’re having her over for pizza and birthday cake this evening.

15 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. That sausage skillet looks fantastic. I need to try to incooporate more squash into my cooking, I’m just not used to cooking with it.

    I am always intrigued by the nestle cookie packages but I just can’t bring myself to do cookies that are not homemade 🙂

  2. Hau`oli La Hanau to Grandma. I hope she has a great birthday. I love all the food that you put in your FFF 🙂 Well done. Have a great long holiday weekend 🙂

  3. That sausage skillet looks yummy! I hadn’t eaten yet today so when I got to this post, somewhere between reading and commenting I ran into the kitchen and heated some Pad Thai noodles and grabbed a clump of grapes.

  4. I use those cookies occasionally myself when they’re on sale or the kids are selling them as a fund raiser. I always enjoy reading this meme. Oh, and I have never liked Penne either and never order a dish with it.

  5. Oh my. Does that sausage dish look good. I’ve always loved the Turkey Kielbasa for Red Beans and Rice and I don’t think you can really tell the difference. I’m really getting hungry now after looking at your post. Great Fave Five.

  6. The sausage dish is similar to sausage spaghetti that I make. LOVE IT!
    Break & Bake=happy kids! I get so frustrated when I make cookies from scratch and they’re gone in 30 minutes.

  7. I love those kinds of sausage dishes. I’m having trouble connecting to the link but boy, the picture sure does look good!

    The baby birds were “In” the hanging plant? How unusual is that? They sure are sweet though.

  8. Thanks for the reminder, Barbara. I don’t usually like penne in salads either — perhaps pennette (smaller version) but I think your idea for elbow macaroni would be great.

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