The Praise Song

We sang this song in church this morning, and it brought back memories of a ladies’ trio singing it at the church we attended in GA. Though it is very simple, it echoes the Psalms both in its tone and some of its phrases.

The Praise Song

I will sing to the Lord with a praise song,
For the Savior heard my cry;
He delivered me out of the miry clay
And set my feet on a rock.

I will praise You, Lord, I will praise You, Lord;
I will praise You all my days.
I will praise You, Lord, I will praise You, Lord;
Please accept my song of praise.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, sing a new song,
Jesus tore the bars away.
Yes, He conquered each foe with His mighty power,
And changed my night into day

I will praise You, Lord, I will praise You, Lord;
I will praise You all my days.
I will praise You, Lord, I will praise You, Lord;
Please accept my song of praise.

~ Ron Hamilton

You can hear most of it sung by Ron here — scroll down to the song title. This CD is from a Patch the Pirate recording.

The last time I posted a song by Ron Hamilton, some of you mentioned not knowing him. The short story is that he was in school a few years ahead of me and often sang in university productions. When he lost an eye to cancer and received an eye patch, some of the kids in his church began calling him “Patch the Pirate” —and a ministry was born. He founded Majesty Music (with his father-in-law, Dr. Frank Garlock, I believe) and began producing tapes of songs and stories for children as well as general Christian music. I found this this testimony of his life online:

7 thoughts on “The Praise Song

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Oh – the deliverance of God is such a wonderful thing. I have been experiencing that lately.

    Yes, I can function with very little sleep – just a lifestyle leftover from my high school and college days. 🙂

    Have a lovely week ahead.

  2. That video is at Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, CA, where my sons are in college! I love the Hamiltons; they are first-class people and top-notch professionals. “The Praise Song” is one of my favorites!

  3. Thank you very much for posting the lyrics! I heard this song from a youth ministry, and haven’t thought about it in over 15 years until I got it stuck in my head today. Needless to say I couldn’t remember most of it and it is incredibly hard to find. Again, thank you!

  4. Barbara, you seem to be a person who does well on the computer and has time and drive to do good. We, as Christians who enjoy good music need to have a Pandora radio or some other way to listen to hymns done well I have found this need since my husband is in a nursing home and needs quiet good music to keep his mind focused on God — right now we are using Christmas music since we have no other options

    • Another website to hear great music that honor’s God is Abiding Radio. They have instrumental, sacred songs, kids, patriotic music you can choose to listen to. I am studying my S.S. lesson and listening to it currently. I have had it on instrumental for the past hour. Praise God!

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