Christmas Tour of Homes

The Nester is sponsoring a Christmas Tour of Homes as is Kelly’s Korner.  It was originally started by BooMama, and I participated several years ago, but hadn’t since then since everything was the same. But since we’re in a new house, things look a bit different!

The newest decoration is this wreath just outside the front door, inspired by one designed by Charlotte Lyons in Amy Powers’ Inspired Ideas Christmas magazine (p. 26).

Just inside the front door is our Nativity scene.

Our Christmas tree is in the family room:

We have fewer flat surfaces — got rid of some little tables and a desk is in another room with routers and such on top, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to arrange some items. I decided to put most of my snowmen on the mantle:

The little log cabin was made by my husband’s father. I’ve been needing to redo the furry stuff at the top of Jim’s and my stockings!

The piano is also in the family room:

I made the calligraphy in a little class years ago — and have done nothing with calligraphy since then! The little Nativity figurine to the right and the little oval church plaque on the left are special because they were gifts from my mom, who passed away five years ago this month. The church windows light up and blink and a song plays when you press a button on the back.

This is in the dining area across from the table:

The candles are bent because they’re pretty old. We burned them until they almost reached the decorations on them, and wanted to keep them, so we put them in every year but don’t light them.

This is my desk:

I am excited to have a little mini tree there with pink decorations… well as this ornament as a decoration since it’s a bit too heavy for the tree, and it reminds me of my three boys. 🙂

I’ve posted before about favorite ornaments, blue ornaments, and, in one of my favorite posts, misfit ornaments — those that are broken or weird but that we love to keep putting up anyway.

Have a bit of Harvest Loaf Cake, one of our favorite Christmas treats, before you go!

Harvest Loaf cake

Thanks so much for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Tour of Homes

    • You notice I didn’t show much of the actual rooms. I still have a lot of bare walls and wall hangings sitting on the floor while I am trying to decide where to put them. 🙂

  1. What a beautiful tour my friend. It looks so Christmasy in you new home. I love it and of course the food looks delish 🙂 I love the little tree by your computer. How fun. 🙂 Mahalo my friend. Enjoyed that a great deal 🙂

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