Laudable Linkage

Here are some great reads that caught my eye this week:

The Valley of the Shadow of Death….from one in that valley now. “You will all face what I am facing now. I want for everyone of you to be blessed with the peace and confidence that Christ has given me. I wish that everyone could see during their whole lives what I am seeing so clearly now.”

Motherhood Is a Calling. I’ve seen many reference this but I just had time to read it today. Excellent.

Do You Bring Meaning to Your Work? HT to Ann. “For us to live our faith with consistency and integrity it has to be spread throughout our lives—and that undoubtedly includes our work lives. If this is true, then we don’t have to try and find meaning at work, but instead can realize that work itself is meaningful.”

My Husband Doesn’t Share My Faith: But I Am Not Letting That Ruin My Marriage. Good advice on how and how not to be a testimony to a lost family member.

Pray a Fresh Prayer. “’I have 30 minutes (or less) to talk with God today. What do I say? Repeat the same requests as yesterday? Exact same thanks? Same confessions?’ If this is how we pray, no wonder we don’t look forward to it.Lisa gives some great tips to revive prayer life.

Journal-keeping. Great advice. “Journal-keeping has been viewed in some quarters as a spiritual exercise, right up there with Bible reading and prayer. I realize that keeping a journal can be very positive…but it is not a spiritual duty or the key to super-spirituality. In fact, it may very well be a snare.”

The Weaker, the Stronger, the Homeschooler. Great application of Romans 14 principles in the context of school choices, but good to read in relation to other differences of convictions as well.

Happy 16th Birthday, Aaron. Great (I keep using that adjective…) advice from a father to a son.

How Many Books Are You Reading? I tend to have only two at most going. With nonfiction, especially, I feel the need to concentrate more to get what the author is saying as well as the flow of it. If I just read things in snatches (except for reference), I have all these disconnected bits floating in my head. But this post helped me understand the mindset of someone who is dipping into multiple books at a time. Neither reading personality is right or wrong — just read, however you do it. 😀

Free Sweater Patterns. I don’t knit, but I know some of you do.

O Say, Can You See? A breakdown/explanation/commentary on each line of the first verse of the Star Spangled Banner. Good reading.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I am looking for feedback about iProducts.

Patriotic flash mob at a grocery store, HT to Kim. I’d love to see one of these things “live” though I think a grocery store might be a little too crowded and busy for it. I always admire the bravery of the one person who gets it started.

Hope you have a great (there’s that word again…) wonderful, stupendous, enjoyable, relaxing Saturday. It’s been a very busy last few days for me, so I am taking it easy this morning.

3 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Enjoyed these links, Barbara! Is Amy Bixby from around upstate SC? One of my friends from high school posted about her on Facebook, and seems like somewhere in my reading I saw something about that area. Her blog was a blessing to me as I read her testimony.

    Absolutely LOVED the flash mob video! I cried! LOL I would like to see something like that in person, but I’d probably cry then too, and embarrass myself! It does take courage to be the one to start it!

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