Friday’s Fave Five

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, in which we can share five of our favorite things from the last week,  wonderful exercise in looking for and appreciating the good things God blesses us with. Click on the button to learn more, then go to Susanne’s to read others’ faves and link up your own.

It’s been an…..interesting week. Jesse was sick earlier in the week, then his computer imploded. We moved my mother-in-law into a new assisted living place yesterday,  and Jesse (age 18) had a minor accident on the way over. Nothing makes one’s heart drop like answering the phone and hearing, “Mom, I hit someone.” But thankfully no one was hurt and both cars were drivable, though Jesse was pretty shaken. But God sprinkled blessings throughout the week as well. So my favorite parts of this week are:

1. Safety and appreciation that Jesse’s accident wasn’t worse. Thinking about “what might have been” isn’t productive, so I try not to go there, but I am so glad for God’s protection over what could have been much worse.

2. My mother-in-law’s move going well. We had decided to stop mentioning the move until it was actually time to go, because she kept forgetting and we’d have to go through all the whys and wherefores each time. She got a little restless during the morning here at home with Mittu and me, saying she was ready to go back to her room. 🙂 We’d tell her we needed to wait for Jim to get back. When it was finally time to take her over, I thought he’d sit her down and explain the situation again, but instead he just took her to the new place and said, “This is your new home, Mom.” That turned out to be the wiser course of action. She seemed to roll with it — she didn’t ask what was going on or ask to go back to the old place. She might in the next few days as she adjusts mentally to new surroundings and people, and it takes a while for staff to get used to the particulars of caring for a new person, so we’d appreciate continued prayer for her. But overall things went about as well as they could have during the move.

3. Family pulling together. We so appreciated everyone chipping in and pulling together to get Mom moved and settled.

4. Our church’s Ladies’ Christmas Party. Such fun, and one friend shared a wonderful, transparent testimony of God’s working in her life.

5. Another Dinner for Six with church folks, with a twist: this was the first time we’d had small children in our house for ages, and the first time we’d had someone in a wheelchair other than my mother-in-law. We knew the previous homeowner had been in a wheelchair, and though the whole house isn’t outfitted for a disabled person, the main doors are wider. Jim had built a ramp for his mom’s wheelchair. So we were pretty confident everything would work out ok, but it was nice when it actually did. 🙂 We had kept back and cleaned up a few toys for the children, and they enjoyed them and everything went ok on that front as well.This was actually from a previous week, but I had forgotten to mention it. 🙂

Bonus: Gingerbread Teddy Bears.

Looking forward this week to our church choir’s Christmas program Sunday and then Jeremy coming home Wednesday! And to our 32nd anniversary — haven’t decided just what to do yet, but we usually just go out to eat and enjoy a quiet evening together. And of course there’s lots to do for Christmas yet!

Have a good weekend!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I agree with number 1. We can get so caught up in the ‘what might haves’ that when the emphasis should be on “Praise God it wasn’t worse”!
    Glad moving day went smoothly–other than the accident. I’m sure your mom will settle in nicely. It’s wonderful that she has you nearby.

  2. Glad to know that Jesse was ok! Phone calls like that are…not pleasant! That’s for sure! Glad he (and everyone else involved) are safe!!

    I also think it’s wonderful that you all can accommodate having a person over to your home in a wheelchair. We’ve since discovered how hard it is to have older people over, after building our house. STEPS no matter which way you come in!!! If you come in through the basement, there are steps you have to go up to get upstairs to the main room. If you come in the front door, steps lead up to it. That was not very thoughtful planning and so we’re going to have to correct at some point. Just wish we had thought of that earlier!!!

    (I still have the page with the teddy bear recipe up on my computer. Hoping to make them in the coming week!)

  3. So glad that Jesse’s accident wasn’t worse than it was. Yes, that phone call is NOT one I would want to get either.

    Very thankful your m-i-l’s move went well! It might have been more stressful on y’all than it was on her.

    The teddy bear cookies are totally adorable.

  4. This is a great time of year for carol singing and choir work. We have a wonderful choir at our parish church here in UK. I am just a little voice at the back but it is very rewarding anyway.
    Merry Xmas.

  5. Being thankful an incident wasn’t worse is a good thing. In fact, I have 2 points on my post about that very thing. Glad your son’s accident was not serious.

    I hope your MIL adjusts quickly and happily to her new home. How great that the whole family chipped in to help move her!

  6. The Dinner for Six sounds like a great program – the chance for relationships to develop that maybe wouldn’t. Does that actually happen, or do people only spend time together with the other couples on those three dates?

  7. Yes, knowing that the accident could have been much worse is truly a fave. As the saying states, “Don’t go there…”

    What a blessing that “mom’s” move went so smoothly!

  8. What a week, Barbara — and what a great testimony that you mined such great blessings from it! So glad to hear Jesse is all right. I’ve gotten that phone call, and I know that sinking feeling. How neat that all pulled together for your mother-in-law’s move. I’ll continue to pray that she feels comfortable there, Barbara.

    Hope you have a great week ahead!!

  9. Praise God no one was hurt. And you’re so right, it’s so much better to focus that it could have been worse.

    So glad that your Mom in law rolled with the move. And that there was lots of help to get it done.

    Happy anniversary coming up! 32 years is quite an accomplishment.

  10. So glad no one was seriously hurt in the accident — hope all the aftermath goes smoothly (insurance, etc.). And thanks for the update about your MIL’s move. I’ve been praying that she would adjust.
    Congrats on your 32 years anniversary!

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