Laudable Linkage

First of all I’d like to ask you to consider voting for my assistant pastor to be able to receive a handicap-accessible van with hand controls. The one he has is getting old and the hand controls on it are past their recommended length of usage He was severely injured in a car accident in college. His story is here:

Voting is here. From what I understand you can vote once a day from different ISP addresses or phones, but have to wait 24 hours to vote again from any of those sources. Use promo code 970 the first time to gain 5 vote. The code won’t work except one time, but you can still vote without it once a day after that initial use. If you feel so led, it will be greatly appreciated!

Here are a few things that especially spoke to me this week, a couple of them dealing with Easter:

Resurrection Hope. “Before the resurrection, there is a cross. Dark. Death. Hopeless. Before the rainbow, there is a storm. Howling. Desolate. Destructive.”

Sunday Means Someday Disability Will Be No More. The father of an autistic boy ponders the picture of the resurrection in the healing of a demon-possessed boy in Mark 9. “Sunday means someday a resurrected Jesus will take my son by the hand…and he will rise!”

Hold the Truth Tightly and Your Passionate Opinions Lightly. Amen.

Praying Past Our Preferred Outcomes. “To go deeper than praying only for deliverance means that we approach prayer not as a tool to manipulate God to get what we want, but as a way to submit to what he wants.”

Application to Be a Boy Mom. “Must have strong stomach. Rough-housing will be sometimes required of applicant.”

Combat! Dealing with a boy’s desire to fight and conquer, ways to channel that in good directions.

I hope you have a good weekend and a blessed Easter remembering all that Christ accomplished for you in His death and resurrection.

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