Quick Reviews: Coming Home and Walking on Broken Glass

I finished a couple of books that I just wanted to mention briefly rather than writing a full review.

 Coming Home is Karen Kingsbury’s latest and supposedly last book about the Baxter family. Though the family is the subject of some 22 previous books, I don’t think one would need to read all of them before enjoying this book.

The extended Baxter family is coming home for a surprise party for patriarch John Baxter’s 70th birthday. As each of his children reflect on their lives in order to write him a letter about what he means to them, their stories are summed up for the reader. But a tragedy turns their world upside down and shakes and tests their faith.

I can’t say much more than that without revealing too much. I enjoyed the book very much.

 Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan is the story of Leah Thornton, who at 27 confronts the truth of her alcoholism and checks herself into rehab. She comes to realize that there are more problems with her life than just alcohol, and that everything she blames her husband for may not be entirely his fault.

I loved Christa’s witty writing and Leah’s self-discovery, but I thought her admission of her alcoholism came a little too easily. I’ve mentioned before that my father was an alcoholic for most of his adult life, losing his family and his health, I don’t think he ever did admit that he had a problem, at least not that I ever heard. But I suppose it is possible to admit such after one confrontation.

There is also much more about Leah and her husband’s sexual life than I like to read. It is integral to the story and and for the most part it is no more explicit than what you’d find in Song of Solomon or Proverbs 5:19. Still, I’d rather the issues between them were expressed through some other venue.

I also felt the ending was left hanging unresolved. I do appreciate that not every thread of a story needs to be wrapped up in a neat bow at the end, but this ending was so abrupt that at first I thought perhaps not all of it came through on my Kindle download.

I did, however, really enjoy Christa’s writing and will look for more of her books in the future.

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7 thoughts on “Quick Reviews: Coming Home and Walking on Broken Glass

  1. I have a hard time with Kingsbury’s sentence fragments. The second book would be hard for me to read because my father was an alcoholic. Therefore, I had a difficult childhood. Perhaps that’s why I like happy ending stories!

  2. I sorta fizzled out on the Baxter family books after the first series, which I loved. Not sure why except I just had so many other books going at the time.

  3. Thanks for reading my novel and following Leah’s journey. I appreciate your review, and I hope some of the humor relieved the difficult passages!

    I’m so sorry to read about your father. It’s difficult to lose someone you love that way.

    If it’s any consolation, I hope to have a sequel to the novel sometime in 2013. The original publishers didn’t think that the novel lent itself to a follow-up, but my readers passionately disagree!

    I’ve written two novels following WOBG, and I hope you enjoy them. And, without spoiling the ending, they do HAVE endings!

    Christa Allan

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