Laudable Linkage

Here are some good online reads from the last couple of weeks:

The Value of Quiet Husbands. Good leadership isn’t always public and showy.

5 Questions Wives Should Not Ask Their Husbands.

Rising Above Familiarity With the Sublime, Part 1 and Part 2. Though written to preachers, it contains good advice for anyone who is in the Word of God regularly and is so familiar with parts of it that we can tend to lose sight of its wonder. Bonus, it’s written by our beloved former pastor.

True Womanhood Is Not About You and Me. “True womanhood is not wrapped in a sparkly white box tied up in the red, satin ribbon of our good behavior or correct conduct. True womanhood is a reflection of the very heart of God; the very character that we can rely on day-in and day-out.”

Author Adam Blumer (Fatal Illusions, linked to my review) has been writing a series In Defense of Clean Speech, arguing against the increasing practice of some Christian fiction authors to use vulgar or crude language or cursing in their work for “realism.” Part 4: What Is Unclean Speech? and Part 5: Flawed Arguments are especially good (you’ll find links to the other parts there.)

Another review of A Year of Biblical Womanhood, this one by Mary Kassian, one of the coiners of the word “complementarian,” who feels the author misrepresented the position and the movement.

2012 Photomicrography Competition, HT to Challies. There is a whole amazing world beyond our eyesight.

Years ago while in college I saw the movie  and years later read and reread the book Peace Child about the Richardson family who went to minister to the Sawi tribe of Papua, New Guinea. The Sawi were headhunters who valued deception and thought Judas was the hero of the gospel. Finally one of their rites of a peace child gave an opening to present what the gospel truly meant. This video shows Richardson and his sons going back 50 years after their first visit. Amazing what God can do in people’s hearts!

2 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. I read that 5 Questions That Women Should Not Ask Their Husbands earlier this week. I’ve already asked one question on the list – perhaps more than once!

    Jonathan was telling me about the Year of Biblical Womanhood book. I hadn’t heard of it or read any reviews just yet. Sounds…not so very great!

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