Laudable Linkage

It has been a while since I’ve shared links of interest. Here are some I’ve found profitable the last few weeks:

Rachel Weeping For Her Children — The Massacre in Connecticut.

The tension of “God is good” and “It shouldn’t be this way.” I saw this the day before the tragedy in CT, but it is certainly apropos.

Newsweek vs. the New Testament. “So, in the waning days of Newsweek as a print magazine, the editors decided to take on the New Testament. Readers should note carefully that it is Newsweek, and not the New Testament, that is going out of print.”

10 Holiday Survival Tips for 2012 if you holidays are much less than merry.

Five Habits for Holiday Happiness.

How to Help the Hurting.

Misused Reasons to Abandon Christmas: #3 God Didn’t Command It, HT to Diane. Deftly answers the charge that “if God didn’t command it we shouldn’t do it” in regards to Christmas but could well be applied to many areas. Others in the series have to do with the supposed pagan origins of Christmas and “It’s the wrong date.” He’s not saying anyone should or should not celebrate, just pointing out the flaws in these arguments.

Obedience and Gospel-centered Mothering. The two are not antithetical.

What Do Men Really Want in a Wife?

The Best Christmas DIYs and Crafts Ever.

And finally, this is just too cute: a kid’s gospel quartet. I couldn’t get the video to embed here and it doesn’t seem to be on YouTube, but hopefully you can see it on Facebook here.

2 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Thank you for linking my articles, Barbara. I pray your readers will profit by them.

    Barnabas Piper’s article on “it shouldn’t be this way” is excellent, thank you for linking to it.

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