Laudable Linkage

Here are some interesting reads from the last couple of weeks:

The Boundaries of Evangelism. I’ve been coming across what he’s talking about here, elements of mysticism creeping into evangelicalism, so this was a timely read, though I’m not of a Reformed denomination and believe you don’t have to be Reformed to be Evangelical.

Some Things You Should Know About Women and the Old Testament. Excellent treatment of passages that many find troubling.

Building An Effective Scripture Journal.

The New Legalism. “How the push to be ‘radical’ and ‘missional’ discourages ordinary people in ordinary places from doing ordinary things to the glory of God.”

Mommy. Sweet post about becoming Mommy and then Mom.

An open letter to pastors {A non-mom speaks about Mother’s Day}

Why Reading That Novel Makes You Smarter, More Empathetic, and Closer to God.

10 Texts That Will Make You Appreciate Mom. Funny.

This is cute – a baby duck trying to stay awake. Though I don’t know why it’s in a classroom.

That’s one way to kill a spider – probably not the best way…

Hope you have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. The Boundaries of Evangelism.-this was a very interesting read. So many Christians are raving about this book. I purchased it and read a few of the daily devotionals. Then I read the introduction to the book, and thought to myself “what the heck”. Then I read another article by the author of Boundaries of Evangelism”Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It was quite informative and makes you set back and think twice about the way this book is written and why. Thanks for this article. It helped me to understand what was going on in this devotional. Think I might stick with some like “Streams in the Desert”.

  2. I’ll check some of these out in a moment 🙂 Just popped by because I’d lost the links to blogs I used to follow and finally found them again, so I’ll be re-following you in my new reader 🙂 Oh, and I could never kill a spider! I love spiders! Find them so cute! Ants on the other hand *shudder*

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