Summer memories

Sherry at Semicolon had a list of summer memories from childhood, inspiring my own:

Fans at night and nap time (no AC).

Hearing mosquitoes buzzing in my ears at night.

Chasing fireflies.

Ice cream trucks.

Fudge pops.

Trips to the beach.

Visiting DQ afterward.

Thinking my aunt’s house with central AC was so luxurious.

Running through the sprinkler.

Drinking from the hose.

Families in the neighborhood bringing out lawn chairs to their front yards in the evenings and visiting back and forth while the kids played.

My dad taking the neighborhood kids on rides on his motor scooter.

Taking trips with my grandmother to visit my aunts and uncles and cousins.

Riding bikes everywhere.

Walking barefoot outside, being a real tenderfoot at the beginning of the summer and calloused by the end.

Stepping on the occasional cocklebur (or something like it – ours were flatter).

My birthday, sometimes celebrating it with three other cousins with birthdays in the same month.

Asking my mom what watermelon tasted like. She told me to try a piece if I wanted to find out. I finally did. We used to put salt on it.

Popsicles dribbling down our chins.

Going with friends to the pool.

Chinaberry fights (playful ones, not angry ones). We had enough chinaberry trees in the back yard for each kid to climb one, and we’d toss the berries at each other.

Vacation Bible School.

Playing tag, freeze tag, statue tag, Mother May I.


Family reunions.

Taking glass bottle to turn in at the store for change.

Corn on the cob dripping with butter.

My dad barbecuing on the grill he made himself from a barrel.

Sleeping in.

Nehi Cola in grape, orange, and strawberry.

June bugs caught in the front screen door.

What are some of your summer memories?


3 thoughts on “Summer memories

  1. You named some of mine! I hated going to bed while it was still light outside–and I could hear the neighbor kids still playing. I too loved Nehi sodas, especially the grape. My brother, cousins, and I used to bike over a mile to get those! Popsicles! I still love anything icy. Sunburns. Oh yes! I was always so fair, yet I loved to be outside and in the water. I remember Solarcaine. It hurt almost as much as the sunburn. (I always wondered if it helped.) I loved meadows of wildflowers at my grandfather’s house. My great aunt called them “weeds.” Playing in the creek. I loved summers. They seemed to last forever!

  2. Oh, drinking from the water hose, I forgot about that one. Nice warm, wet water. And metal ice trays. Does anyone have metal ice trays anymore?

  3. I’ve enjoyed your summer list, Barbara. It’s summer all-year round here and I “operate” the same way for Fans at night and nap time (no AC). 😀

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