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I was going to wait until next week to share these since I only had a few – but last time I did that I ended up with a very long list the following week. So here’s a fairly short list of posts I found interesting this week, and thought you might, too:

My long time “real life” friend Debbie blogs at Purple Grandma, and we share a love of missionary books. When my own kids were young and then recently when I compiled a list of missionary books for children, I noticed there were none for toddler/preschool age. The earliest missionary books were early-reader chapter books. So Debbie compiled some of her own just for general reading or family devotions, etc., that she is beginning to share on her blog. I really enjoyed the first about Jennie Atkinson and look forward to reading more.

Ringing in the New Year. “The character of your life won’t be established in two or three dramatic moments, but in 10,000 little moments. Your legacy will be shaped more by the 10,000 little decisions you make in 2014 rather than the last-minute resolution you’re about to make….That’s a lot of moments. Too many, in fact, to accomplish successfully on our way. No wonder we settle for one big resolution instead of a day-by-day resolutions. But here’s what makes 10,000 little resolutions possible – GRACE. Relentless, transforming, little-moment grace.”

2 Year Bible Reading Plan. I love reading the Bible through, but trying to do it in a year always seems rushed to me.

Food Is Not Your God. I’m not into the whole foods movement as a movement, though I agree they are better for us, but it seems some kind of emphasis about food sweeps through the Christian community occasionally. I appreciate the balance and focus of this post.

Communicating With People Who Have Dementia.

Saw this at Bobbi‘s – quite moving:

Happy first Saturday of the new year!

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