Laudable Linkage

Here is my Saturday collection of some great reads discovered in the last week or so:

When God Does the Miracle We Didn’t Ask For.

15 Reasons I Stayed in the Church.

O Zion, Haste. How missionary work offers not only help for eternity, but also for the here and now, and some reasons why that is.

My Take: DIY, Pinterest, and the Rise of the New Domesticity. This and the two links directly above are all from the same blog. Someone put a link to one on Facebook and I really enjoyed looking at some of the other posts as well.

Use Your Words to witness as well as your life.

5 Things Modesty Never Taught Me.

25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband.

Five Lies About Your Body.

Sometimes Valentine’s Day Is About the Moldy Drywall. Loved this.

Tips for Possible Power Outages. Glad we didn’t have to use these during the last storm, but it’s good to review them occasionally.

Happy Saturday, or as my son said, “Happy Discount Love Candy Day to all! ” 🙂