Friday’s Fave Five

FFF birds on a wire

 It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends. Here are some of mine:

1. The Olympic Skater’s Gala, when some of the figure skater’s perform something of an encore. I had actually forgotten about it and thought the skating was all done, so I was pleasantly surprised that there was one more event. It’s especially fun because there is no judging and therefore less pressure.

2. A cute little spring dish towel, bought with a gift card on my shopping excursion last week.


3. Getting these done:

photo 1

I’ve been taking the multitude of loose recipes I had stacked up from many years of tearing them out of magazines and putting them in scrapbook-like notebooks, working on it in the evenings. I didn’t get at all fancy with it, because then it would have taken me twice as long. I still need to work on some of the inside labeling, but they are already easier to use. Plus since they are in page-protectors, they won’t get splattered.

photo 2

4. Exercise DVDs – which is ironic for me to say, because I approach exercise with gritted teeth and grim determination, though I always feel better afterward and am glad I did it. But I’ve accumulated a few of them over the years, so I can vary the workouts and not get bored, plus they allow me to be able to exercise in my own home. My favorites are “The Biggest Loser Power Walk” and Leslie Sansone’s “Five Mega Miles,” because each is divided up into 15 minute segments which are supposed to cover a mile each, yet they also include some exercises for arms with weights or a stretch band, so I usually do a couple of segments a day. Having some variety is important for me.

5. Throw blankets. I know I have mentioned them before, but they’re just so cozy for cool evenings. I even use one on my bed at night over my bedspread, and it’s just enough. I don’t know what they’re made out of, but they have just the right degree of coziness – not too hot or cool.

Hope you’ve had a great week as well!

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Your spring dish towel is so cheerful!

    Are you finding some new favorites as you organize and try the recipes? Mine are pretty much still in a pile!

    Good job on the exercise, Barbara! I need to get back on track with mine. Thought I might try listening to audio books as as ride my recumbent exercise bike.

    • I like to listen to audiobooks, too, once I get used to the routine on the DVD. It makes the time go much faster.

      I did find some some recipes to try while going through them, and got rid of several as well that I didn’t think I’d realistically ever try.

  2. OH, I love this idea! I really need to do this. I dig and dig for recipes and it drives me crazy! I love how your desserts binder is bigger than the rest! 🙂

    • Yes, the size of the dessert binder embarrassed me. 😳 OTOH, I do tend to use recipes for those more than I do for main dishes where I toss things in without measuring. Can’t do that very well with baking (at least I can’t)

  3. OK…I’m really impressed with your recipe organization and that you got-er-done! Good job. Oh dear you just reminded me that I bought an exercise DVD that is still in it’s wrap. oye. Glad you are using yours! Blessings.

  4. Oh I love all your faves….yay for blankets on cold winter nights, and yay for various workout routines. I was a bit lazy this week….er…busy, really…so only got in 2 workouts and they felt rushed. I need to really dig in tomorrow and get moving!! I love your adorable spring dish towel….and guess what? i worked on my college girl’s cookbook (very similar to yours) this past week, too although it didn’t make my fave list. and I completely forgot about the skaters doing free programs….darn…my youngest would have loved it!!! OH well…we did enjoy watching every judged skating event for pairs and women…..Our fave was the 15 yr old Russian girl. Happy Weekend!!

  5. I have lots of recipe books and loose papers in a kitchen cupboard. Since we are both retired, I don’t cook anymore complicated things. I became a retired cook !

  6. Wow, you’re motivating me to get something done with all my recipes that are floating loosely around with those nice looking binders. Throw blankets are a must around our neck of the woods. I use mine all throughout the winter. My favorite this year is a sweater-y kind of knit with a bird pattern.

  7. I also appreciate exercise DVDs and do like varying the routine. Somedays its a DVD and somedays its some time on the treadmill. I loathe and despise exercise and desperately wish it wasn’t a necessity. 🙂

    Congratulations on getting your recipes organized. I have a habit of ripping recipes from magazines and never getting them sorted or put away.


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