Laudable Linkage

With the 31 Days With Elisabeth Elliot series going on every day, I wasn’t sure whether additional posts during the week might be a bit much to keep up with; on the other hand, I don’t want to have an excessively long list of links to share at the end of the month, because I know that can be a bit much, too. So here are a few things I found of interest in the last couple of weeks:

How Your Bible Study Shapes Your Theology.

Hand in Hand, Heart Linked to Heart. A sweet piece about C. H. Spurgeon and his wife.

Why Modesty Scares Me.

Why Christians should Paint, Dance, Quilt, Act, Compose Music, Write Stories, Decorate Cookies, and Participate in the Arts.

The Pinterest feed changes: How to see more of what you want to see. And why you’ll never see all of it. If, like me, you have been frustrated with changes at Pinterest, this article shares how to fix a couple of them, and the powers that be at Pinterest seem to have reached out to this blogger with an interest, so maybe some of the comments there will reach the ears of someone who can and will do something about it.

Happy Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. I appreciated the modesty article – I know that I was very focused on physical modesty for a certain season in my life and that during that same season I was truly NOT walking in modesty of the soul. I don’t think I’ve gotten loose when it comes to physical modesty, but I certainly think about it less – and have started thinking a lot more about how to cultivate inner modesty.

    I’ve almost stopped using Pinterest except to pin things I’ve seen on blogs or to look up things I’ve pinned previously. The combination of the new feed layout, my limited time, and the growing discouragement I was experiencing over not being able to do all those fun projects has meant that Pinterest just hasn’t been as helpful or inspiring as it once was. When I do find myself on Pinterest, though, I might unsubscribe to a few of those accidental followings or x out some of those unhelpful “suggested for you” pins. I’m glad you shared that article.

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