Laudable Linkage

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to share with you some interesting things found around the internet. Perhaps you’ll find something of interest in the following:

3 Things to Tell Yourself When Others Prosper While You Suffer.

Thank God for Your Normal, Boring Life.

Grieving Over the Holidays – What You Need to Know.

14 Reasons to Memorize an Entire Book of the Bible. Though some of this addressed to preachers, other parts of it are applicable to us all.

“Mama, What Does $*@#%! Mean?” Wise advice for how to handle those times when, no matter how protective you’ve been, your child overhears a bad word.

Why I Show Children Hospitality (Even Though I Am Not a Parent), HT to The Story Warren.

Please Don’t Be Intolerant. As Inigo Montoya says, I think many people use that word without knowing what it really means.

You keep using that word...

Why Readers Are Skipping Crucial Parts of Your Story.

The Most Instagrammed Location In Every State.

12 Ridiculously Warm Products For People Who Are Always Ridiculously Cold. I am usually warmer than everyone else, but I know people who are always cold and could use some of these.

There were so many more Write 31 Days series than I could possibly read, and I dipped in here and there with quite a few, but a few I kept up with almost daily were:

Tools to Memorize a Bible Chapter.

31 Days of Hope for Caregivers.

31 Glimpses Into the Unquiet Mind. A mother and daughter share the daughter’s journey with bipolar disorder and the long journey to diagnosis and treatment.

31 Uplifting Quote Graphics.

31 Ways to Snag a Literary Agent.

Happy Saturday!

5 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Thanks for that first link — I’ve sent it on to a friend who is writing a study on suffering. And the “warm products” link had some interesting things there. I thought the fingerless USB gloves was a great idea. Too bad its model was wearing a miniskirt/shorts!

  2. Great links, Barbara. I’ve got a couple bookmarked. The grieving over the holidays looks like a good one. It’s been 14 years since Alan passed away and the holidays still don’t easy for me. Have a blessed day.

  3. Barbara, thank you for sharing these links. I really enjoyed the one about why we should memorize an entire book of the Bible. I’m a long way from that, but after doing several memory challenges at Do Not Depart on a chapter at a time I can easily see how profitable it would be to memorize and entire book. Hmmm…I’m wondering if maybe this just might be a doable goal for me for 2016? Thanks again, my friend.

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