Friday’s Fave Five

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It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Hope those of you in the US had a good Thanksgiving Day. Here are a few highlights of the week:

1.  The Galkin Evangelistic Team made our church their last stop of their fall term, and we enjoyed a feast from the Word in both music and message.

2. Central heating. We’ve had temperatures in the 20s this week – so nice to have a warm home.

3. Throw blankets. I don’t know how they make them just right, but they are perfect for cool evenings on the couch while reading or watching TV.

4. Thanksgiving. Ours was a little different this year: this was the first time our oldest son wasn’t here for it. I’ve been trying hard not to be emotional about it and to look on the good points, that he came in the spring for Timothy’s birthday and will be here at Christmas. And we did get to Face Time. Jason and Jesse both have to work Friday – we’re used to all of us having the whole weekend off. But we still have much to be thankful for: that Jason’s family was all well enough to come, after having been sick earlier in the week, that we had a great Thanksgiving feast and time with family, among multitudes of other things.

5. Silicon kitchen helpers. I had gotten these for presents earlier this year but hadn’t had an opportunity to use them yet until Thanksgiving.


The left one is a pie guard, to put around the edges of a pie so they don’t get over-cooked. It worked well – smelled a little funny, but that didn’t affect the taste of the pie, and I am hoping the smell goes away after using it more. It has little notches on one end and slots on the other so you can adjust it to the size needed, and it’s easy to hook on. I always hate wrestling with foil strips and then trying to get them to stay in place, so this was nice. The other you put over a pan of whatever you have boiling and it keeps it from boiling over. That always happens when I am boiling potatoes for mashing: no matter how closely I watch them, as soon as my head is turned, they boil over. This did work really well. There was still a teeny bit of liquid that spilled over, but not nearly as much as usual.

No Black Friday shopping for us – for me, anyway. I’d rather shop weekdays when it’s not so crowded. 🙂 We’re going to work on Christmas decorations this weekend. It doesn’t feel at all like it should be December yet, but maybe this will help. 🙂 Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I have no interest in battling crowds for Black Friday either. I like those silicone kitchen helpers. The one that keeps pots from boiling over would be right up my alley! Have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks for sharing the handy gadgets. Both would be welcome in my kitchen. We were missing some of our family at dinner yesterday, too. Facetime, texting, phone calls, help fill the void. I’m staying in today, too!

  3. Fun to test out your new kitchen helpers. I think that strange silicon smell will fade over time. I have some oven mitts with a silicon side that finally did.

    You’ll probably laugh, but we used central heating this week, too, when temps got into the 40s at night. I know. Wimps.

  4. Central heating IS a great blessing!

    I understand how you felt when one of your chickies did not get to make it back to the nest for a holiday.

    That pie guard looks interesting. I have a metal one that works pretty good, too. I hate messing with foil, too.

  5. sounds like a great week. i DID do black friday shopping for the first time in over 25 years And i must say i wasnt thrilled. the first hour was ok but we were in the largest mall in New England ( Natick Mall) and after 4 hours i said to ghe gang “lets go” we headed back to NYS after a fun 4 days in MA …..and we each only bought one thing. it was way.too.crowded. oh…..i found the lighted tree branch at Michaels arts and crafts…maybe you can find one at yours if you have a Michaels?

  6. Freebies at CVS and Walgreen’s are my only Black Friday stops — like you, I am happy to avoid the crowds. Actually, I try to avoid malls at Dec. altogether. We have one of the silicon lids and the kids love it. I never heard of one that keeps pots from boiling over. I need one!

  7. Well I’m going to have to look for that gadget that keeps pots from boiling over! Mine always do too! It’s hard when kids hit adulthood and start to build adult lives. My daughter didn’t make it home this last Thanksgiving for the first time since she moved away at 18 to go to school. She’s now 25 so I’m grateful that it was that long before the inevitable happened where one time she couldn’t make it home but it still wasn’t easy.

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