Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It seems like no matter how much you get done ahead of time, these weeks before Christmas are still busy! But everything is coming together though there is still a bit to do. May we remember amidst all the bustle the purpose and message of the season and the grace of God in the everyday. That’s one reason I am glad for this weekly time to stop and recount some of those blessings. Here are a few:

1. My oldest son is home. He’s normally here for a week at Christmastime, but he had some extra vacation days to use up so is with us for a longer time than I think he has been since he left home.

2. The Toy Story That Time Forgot might, I think, be my new favorite Christmas TV program, or at least one of them. So cute yet so poignant in parts!

3. Forgotten gift cards. I was at Hobby Lobby this week and planned to finish off what was left on a gift card, but at the checkout discovered I had another one that had not been used at all. Sweet!

4. Pumpkin spice cookies from a Betty Crocker mix topped with cream cheese frosting mixed with cinnamon. Some day I will try these from scratch, but the mix made for a quick treat. After the first pan of them I got the idea to add in some chocolate chips – even better!

5. LED candles. I like the look of candles, but they give me a headache, esocially scented ones. I recently discovered some decorative LED pillar candles and ordered them. I haven’t gotten them out of the box yet, but I know just where I want to put them and anticipate enjoying them. They even come with a remote to turn them on and off!

Besides these, there are joys of communicating with loved ones this time of year – I still love to send and receive Christmas cards and letters even though it is an investment of time, time with family, preparing gifts of love, and listening to the blessings in Christmas music while accomplishing some of those other things, and rejoicing in the gift of our Savior come to redeem and help and fellowship with us.

Since next Friday is Christmas Day, I am not sure what Susanne has planned for the FFF. I can’t imagine that I would post or have time to visit that day, unless I post something the day before and visit after Christmas, but most likely I’ll not have another FFF until after Christmas. I hope you have a blessed and merry Christmas celebration!

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I’m so glad that your son is having extra time at home. The pumpkin spice cookies sound very good especially with the cream cheese icing Have a wonderful day.

  2. The led candles are absolutely great ! I have bought 3 boxes with 3 candles and they work on remote control ! The smaller once I need to switch on, but they look so true and even the feeling is like wax !

  3. Those forgotten gift cards are a sweet surprise, indeed! I haven’t heard of the Christmas program, but will look for it. This time of year I pick up my knitting again, and look for new shows to watch.

    Merry Christmas, Barbara, and enjoy the extra time with your son!

  4. Remote control LED candles sound so great. I have the same problem with scented candles. I am going to check these out!

    I have never used a box mix for cookies and I don’t make them very often. I think having a box mix in the cupboard is a great idea for a quick snack. That way I wouldn’t have to go buy something. I like the idea of adding chocolate chips.

    I have a bit if an obsession with watching Christmas movies. I am going to check out the one you mentioned. Is this the one with Tom Hanks?

    Barbara, I wish you a very merry Christmas.

  5. Merry merry Christmas to you, Barbara, and your dear family (esp that older son who gets to spend a few extra days!). I do like the sound of those cookies and cream cheese frosting is my favorite.

  6. I considered buying the LED candles but…I just couldn’t. I love my candle flames! However, I always buy unscented candles since The Professor is allergic to the fragrances.
    So glad your son is there to visit! Enjoy the extra time with him!
    (I’m hoping that we’ll have a bit of time this week for my hubby to poke around on my computer and follow up on your son’s suggestions–thanks again!)

  7. Sounds like everything is coming together for a lovely celebration with your family. I’ve looked at those LED candles too. Around here buying from a decor store is very expensive but I know Costco gets them for an incredible price but they disappear quickly so you have to nab them when their Christmas stock first comes out which is now around September. I am so not thinking Christmas in September! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Barbara. There is no FFF on Christmas Day and possibly not the next Friday either. My son comes home for a couple of days on the 30th, he won’t be here for Christmas, and I want to be with family and not on the computer.

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