Friday’s Fave Five

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It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

After a busy weekend, the rest of the week hasn’t been quite as productive as I had hoped, but it has been a good one. Here are some of the best parts:

1. Lunch with a friend last Friday. Enjoyed a great conversation and time away.

2. Bagels. I’d only had one bagel in my life before, and I was not impressed: it was on an airplane, and the outside of it was so hard, I couldn’t bite into it. I had to pull out the soft bread inside of it to eat it. Jason told me not to judge all bagels by an airplane bagel. So when my friend wanted to meet at Einstein Bros Bagels, I wasn’t so sure at first, but then decided this would be a good opportunity to give bagels another try. I ordered pizza bagels, thinking that if the crust was a little firm, it wouldn’t be too bad. But they were very soft and very good! Nice to have a new food option!

3. Fencing. I’ve mentioned before having to take down a row of diseased trees bordering the back of our property. We wanted to replace them with a fence, and my husband found a great deal on fencing on Craig’s list and picked it up last Saturday. He has two panels up already.

4. Delicious weather. It’s been my favorite kind of weather most of this week – sunny and cool. I’m treasuring up the coolness, knowing before long it will be hot and humid out there.

5. A productive Saturday. I had a marathon grocery shopping expedition in the morning and then spent the afternoon catching up on “Amazing Race” episodes on the Tivo while ironing. While ironing and grocery shopping aren’t favorite things to do, there is a sense of satisfaction getting them done.

Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I’m so happy for you that you’ve discovered Einstein bagels!! I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is one of my favorite bagel places. I love bagels.

    Productive Saturdays are a blessing for sure. Combined with a marathon favorite show, I’d say you had a good day.

  2. I’m glad you found a bagel that you like. Some bagels are certainly better than other! Great that you can have a fence put in in place of the diseased trees. Have a great weekend.

  3. I’m not much of a bagel person either, but anytime we travel, it’s what I end up having to eat for breakfast instead of biscuits. ha. They’re quite good warmed up with lots of cream cheese on them. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately I like bagels waayyyy toooo much! My new diet does not allow fro that much bread. 😦
    Sounds like a great week! Yay on the fence find! That’s awesome. My hubby is like that too!

  5. Savoring the sunny-but-cool days? Me too! Though we won’t have humidity to contend with, those hot hot hot summer days are coming. It’s surprising to find out what people have or haven’t eaten. I smiled at your pleasure over a good bagel.

  6. Glad you finally had a good bagel experience. Fencing is so expensive. Glad you got a good deal on Craig’s list. Panels up already. I love to see progress. Another friend of ours was talking about the nice weather in your neck of the woods. A productive Saturday does leave you with a good feeling. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. Sometimes I have your bagel experience with gluten free foods…the first try was NOT a good one, but a later try was very tasty. Guess that should inspire us to “try, try again!”

    It’s a very satisfying feeling to get normal things completed, such as grocery shopping, laundry, and ironing. I’ve been marathon watching “Fixer Upper” while paring down my ironing pile.

    Hope your fence looks as nice as you hope it will!

  8. wow! bagels are such a staple for NY kitchens that I often forget they really are an east coast thing. haha… glad you discovered some you like!

    i love spring weather but i also love the hot sunny days of summer. glad you are having good weather too out there!

    yay for getting chores done and lunches with a friend.

    happy weekend!

  9. I loooove bagels! I have a couple of favourite places to get bagels and usually don’t stray from those. I wouldn’t have thought to look on somewhere like Craig’s List for fencing. Good on your hubby for getting a good deal and already getting some panels up. I’d like a higher fence surrounding the yard but it is very expensive around here.

  10. The best part of grocery shopping and ironing is when they’re done!
    Oh! Einstein bagels! Yumm! Now you’re making me hungry for a bagel. If you ever encounter Noah’s Bagels, try theirs. Also excellent!

  11. Sunny and cool is the best weather combination ever! I agree!

    I like bagels but only have them sporadically because…huge hunk of BREAD! I agree that if the bagel isn’t soft, then it’s rather unappealing. I can only imagine what an airplane bagel tastes like. 😀

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