Friday’s Fave Five

friday fave five spring

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Another busy week has come and gone. I’m grateful for this time to look back over it and remember the blessings I might otherwise forget. Here are a few:

1. Rain and clouds provided a respite from blistering temperatures for a few days.

2. My mother-in-law’s regular caregiver was on vacation last week, and the person who was supposed to take her place, whom we’d had before, injured herself, so we had someone completely new. Things did not start off smoothly — but we all survived the week, and our regular person is back now.

3. Perking up my planters with a few new flowers and digging the weeds out of them brightened up our entryway. While doing that I saw this in the dirt – at first I thought it was some creature’s nose, but my Facebook friends assure me it is a black walnut. Interesting!


I think it looks like a monkey’s nostrils. One friend thought it looked like a pig’s nose; another thought it looked like an owl’s face.

4. A new cart for my craft/sewing room. I’d had my eye on it for some time at JoAnn’s web site (they didn’t have it in stores). It was more expensive than I liked, but I finally caught it on a half-price sale with a coupon for free shipping.

5. Rescuers. I had not liked all the colors of the drawers of the above-mentioned cart, but decided I’d paint a few of them. The white ones went very well, but the pink ones were a disaster. My dear husband finished off both of them for me, and then he and Jesse (youngest son) put it all together for me. I have to be careful of the painted ones because the paint does scratch or chip easily, but I like the look much better.


Happy Friday!



14 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Now I’m wanting to see a “before” pic of the pink shelves — because they look just fine now! I am sure you’ll get your money’s worth of enjoyment from the cart, but I understand it can be hard to spend on things like that. We have lots of walnuts around here! They do look like faces 🙂

  2. we used to find black walnuts all the time at my parents’ home they mived to when inwas back in college! they Do look like pigs nose!

    how nice of your husband and son to fix up your cart.

    yay for rain! we have had a very dry summer here in New York state….more so in the western part about 5 hours west of us here in the capital region which is unusual for them but we all….imthink most of NY got rain the beginnig of this week. it was much appreciated. now we are having perfect summer westher…no high humidity and temps in the high 70s/low fave!

    happy weekend Barbara!

  3. Oh, yes, rain, is a welcome thing! I live in Boise, and we average about 11 inches of precip a year, and most of that comes in the winter months. From May through October, we get almost no rain, and I would love some right about now. It would help with the fires.

    I’m glad your made it through the week without your MIL’s regular caregiver, but it’s great the regular one is back. Hopefully, she won’t be on vacation again anytime soon.

    It’s always a thrill to find that something we’ve been eyeing is on sale. Good for you on the craft cart. I especially like the pink drawers.

    Have a great day,

  4. I like your cart. I’m an easy target for anything that helps me get organized.

    I think I would have jumped a foot off the ground if I came across that nose staring at me from the dirt. It does look like a pair of nostrils, LOL!!

  5. Don’t you just love finding something special at a great price? The cart looks great!

    I can see all of those things in your picture of the black walnut. My first thought was the pig nose.

    Yes, I can totally relate to enjoying a break from the heat! We had a few cooler days this week, too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I like the storage cart and the different color doors make it look very cute. I’m glad your mother in law’s regular caregiver is back. Makes things much easier for you, I’m sure. My vote for the black walnut is monkey nostrils. Have a great weekend.

  7. The cart looks lovely and I think your colour scheme is much better. It’s always difficult when you have changes in a familiar routine. I’m glad things are back to normal now for your mother in law.

  8. We could use some rain–it would definitely be on my fave list! I’m glad it cooled things off for you.
    I was trying to figure out what that photo was before I read about the black walnut. Yes, it looks like ‘something’s’ nose!

  9. I laughed at the black walnut shell because I totally thought you were giving us a nice close up of some kind of pigs nose when the page loaded. LOL. I can imagine how hard it must be to have someone new attend your MIL. It would be nerve wracking for all parties I would think. Glad it ended well. We have had a ton of rain this year and I have to say I am enjoying the green of everything but am getting tired of sitting under severe thunderstorm watches and warnings in the evenings and yet another tornado watch tonight.

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