Friday’s Fave Five

FFF snowflakes

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s the first FFF of the New Year! And a great way to start off. Here are a few highlights from the last week:

1. The last weekend of vacation. My oldest son was here through the weekend, and everyone else was off, so we had some great family times together. In addition to some of the activities listed below, we went to an Indian restaurant and my oldest son made Chocolate Pretzel Pie. Normally I am not a big pretzel fan, but this had the right combination of saltiness and crunchiness without tasting too pretzely. He had tried it for a gathering of his friends around Thanksgiving that they cal Piesgiving, where everyone brings some kind of food in a pie, and it was a hit there, so he made it again for us.


Timothy likes to help in the kitchen. 🙂


Normally he makes duck soup, but this time he tried duck shakes. 🙂


We’ve had that child’s Tupperware set since our boys were little, and it’s one of the things we kept for when other children came over. I love that our grandchild can use it now.

2. Playing games is one of my favorite things to do when we are all together. We generally play at least one round of Settlers of Catan, and this was the closest I ever remember it being: three of us were within one point of winning and had in hand what we needed to win on our next turn. We also like to play Telestrations. Then we played some Jackbox games through the TV connected to my son’s Steam account ( a game-playing site, though these games are also available for the Apple TV, Firestick, Xbox, and other venues). They had a family-friendly venue (I think for some of the games you have to set it for that option). We played Drawful, Fibbage, and one other that involved sound effects. People play by logging into the Jackbox TV site on their phones, and people play on their phones, but the game play shows up on the TV. I don’t know if this is making sense – but it was a lot of fun!

3. An outing in Gatlinburg. My husband at one time had gotten tickets for three of the Ripley’s attractions in Gatlinburg, and we used one of them last summer to attend the aquarium. We wanted to try to use the second one this break, so we went to the Ripley’s Mirror Maze. I thought the maze itself would be challenging enough, but the darkness and changing lights made it more so. Normally changing lights is not my thing. But this was a lot of fun to do as a family and not too hard to get through. Timothy wasn’t frightened by it – he just stood stock still when we first went in, trying to figure out what was going on. 🙂 It’s pretty short, so we wouldn’t normally go to Gatlinburg just for that, but I’m still trying not to do too much while my broken toe heals. That and going out to eat was just the right length of an outing for this time. We discovered a new-to-us Mexican food restaurant that was great in every way -good food, quick service, knowledgeable waiter, and a good gluten-free menu for my daughter-in-law (No Way Jose’s Cantina near the aquarium).



4. New calendars. I love getting out new calendars for the year, filling in everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries, and looking at all those clean, fresh pages!

5. Gift cards. I was considering whether I wanted to invest in a certain purchase this morning, and remembered I had a gift card to a place where I could order it online. That made the decision very easy! 🙂

Hope your new year has gotten off to a great start!



8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. What a fun time you and your family had over the Christmas break! I loved seeing the picture of Timothy in the kitchen making his duck shakes! What a cute Tupperware set! I also noticed a child’s rolling pin in the picture and it brought back memories of me as a little girl in the kitchen with my grandma using mu little wooden rolling pin.

    Loved the picture of Timothy in the mirrors. He is such a cute little guy. Don’t they grow up quickly?

    Have a wonderful weekend, Barbara.

  2. It sounds like you and your family had a great time over the holidays! wow! pretzel pie….different and sounds delish! Im off desserts for the months of Jan and Feb except for once a week ( I will choose a weekend day to indulge in either a brownie or a scone)

    my parents used to have a tupperware play set like that when i was. teenager! it was for my youngest sister who is 15 yrs younger than me,

    Timothy is getting tall!!

  3. Lots of good things going on for you. We love to play board games and did some of that over the holidays including a few games new to us (Code words, Where is Moldova and Carcassonne) and an old favourite, Chinese Checkers. Have a good weekend.

  4. Looks like good times at your place. Happy to see that Gatlinburg is up and running after those devastating fires. It’s so sweet to see your grandson helping in the kitchen. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Looks like you had a great family holiday! Your grandson is so cute. Its so great that you were able to be together and have a good time. We have the game Settlers of Catan as well and while we haven’t played it for a while, it is sure fun. Have a great weekend!

  6. You had a great time with family this season. The photo of Timothy playing with his dad/uncles’ toys is sweet. We have a few toys left over that our littles play with.
    My kids love playing games! For me, it depends on the game…

  7. Aw, the photo of Timothy playing with the Tupperware and making duck soup is so sweet!

    I love playing games with the family. I’ve never played Settlers of Catan. I’ll have to check that out.

    Love the idea of Piesgiving! The pretzel pie looks delish.

  8. The day in Gatlinburg looks like a lot of fun. Timothy making duck soup and shakes is so sweet! My daughter loves Settlers of Catan but I’ve never played it myself. I know they have a biblical version too. I think I’m so stealing the idea of a piesgiving. I think that pretzel pie would be delicious!

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