Friday’s Fave Five

fall FFF 1It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

We’ve crossed the halfway mark of November, looking forward to Thanksgiving next week, and then the Christmas season! But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are the blessings of this week.

1. An outing. We went to a holiday craft fair on Saturday, which was actually overcrowded and many of the items were overpriced. Then we went to a restaurant for lunch, where my food was great, but my husband’s and daughter-in-law’s both had problems, and the waiter was weird and almost made Timothy cry by teasing him. But – even though all the circumstances weren’t perfect, I enjoyed the time together.

2. Extended time with Timothy. I watched him for the longest time yet this week, and all by myself! Usually either Jim or Jesse, or both, are home. Everything went well and we had a good time. One thing we did was to make some fall sugar cookies with leaf-shaped sprinkles. He liked the sprinkles part. 🙂


Timothy sprinkles

3. A medical procedure that a family member had this week went well.

4. One-cup dessert mixes. I’ve mentioned before various recipes I’ve found online for making one serving of a cookie, cake, or brownie in a mug in the microwave. They’re nice when you want something sweet (and fairly fast) but you don’t want a whole panful in the house to avoid the temptation of overindulging. Recently I found the same idea in a ready made, just-add-water mix. Nice! There were several flavors, but I tend to go for the chocolate. 🙂


5. Solitude. I love my family dearly and enjoy time with them, but some times of quiet and solitude are essential to my sanity and well-being. Those times have been a little hard to come by since we moved my mother-in-law here and have had hospice people in and out. This week I actually had the better part of one whole day to myself. It was bliss. My m-i-l was here, of course, and her caregiver was here in the morning. But even then it was a pretty quiet, peaceful day.

Happy Friday, and Happy Thanksgiving!

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I’m surely sorry to hear about the problems when you went out to eat on Saturday…especially the waiter being insensitive to Timothy’s feelings. That bothers me. When I was Timothy’s age my mother’s girlfriend had invited us to their home for supper. Her husband would do the same thing to me…always trying to get me to eat more, etc. Even as an adult I was never comfortable around him.

    Loved seeing Timothy enjoying putting the sprinkles on the pretty fall sugar cookies. Aren’t grandchildren wonderful? 🙂 They bring such joy to our lives.

    I understand how you feel about needing some solitude and quiet at times. Our routines will be changing after June 30 when my husband retires. I’ve had a few of my cousins reminding me that it WILL change my life. hahaha

    Have a great weekend, my friend.

    • I think the waiter meant well – he had kind of a weird sense of humor. When he handed out everyone’s meals, except Timothy’s, he said, “Oh, I forgot someone’s!” Timothy is shy about talking to strangers anyway, and the thought that he didn’t get any food was too much – he didn’t have the experience to know that he would get his. He had been very patient up til then. His was on the guy’s tray, but he couldn’t see it from his vantage point. Hopefully it will be a learning experience for the waiter not to tease hungry children that he doesn’t have their food. 🙂 There were some other weird issues, but that was the only thing that was upsetting.

  2. Oh boy…that outing is probably something you all will laugh about in the future. Sure hope you didn’t leave a big tip!! Some people also do not understand child development so the waiter might have meant well but doesn’t really know the dev. Of a 2 yr old. ( or is Timothy 3 now? Either way, they really don’t “get” joking until about age 7 when they move from being so literal to more abstract thinking. ( sorry…the preschool special ed teacher in me)

    I LOVE and crave solitude. This year with the youngest being in college in NH and my oldest at work until 5, and hubby at work until 5:45 i get home by 3:30 and have a couple hours to my self!!!! Yay!!!

    i love the pics of Timothy baking cookies..they look great!!

    I’ve been wondering about those in a mug mixes! Maybe i will get one for my hubby😜

  3. I dearly love my solitude too and am thankful that my hubby is also an introvert so we mesh our quiet times together well.
    What a fun time with Timothy baking cookies!

  4. My favorite craft fair was a bit of a disappointment this year. Many of the better vendors have dropped out. I guess it’s time for a change.

    I love my ‘me time’ too. Having a full household isn’t easy for me, so I find pockets of time when I can.

    Time with a grandchild is a treasure indeed. And what better way to spend it than baking cookies?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Barbara.

  5. Add me to the list who understands the bliss of quiet time alone 🙂 Timothy is so cute! The cookie baking/decorating sounds like a lot of fun too. We’ve had those single-serve desserts too, and enjoyed them. College daughter loves them!

  6. I also need to be alone from time to time just to resource. It’s true with the scrabble I did like you now I play like the others I count the points and I am getting better. Timothy becomes a big boy now ! Aren’t they funny at that age ? Toby was seven two days ago. We both together are also going very well !

  7. What’s not to like about time with grandma and cookies with SPRINKLES?! Glad you have had both time with your beloveds (even in that crowd) and time alone. It’s a good balance.

    I see food manufacturers are catching onto people like you who don’t have a clan to cook for and want smaller portions.

  8. We went to the main craft fair again this but I hardly bought anything. When I did finally decide on some things one booths debit didn’t work so they wanted me to go to the atm but I didn’t want to pay the atm fees and the other one sold the item I wanted before I got back. Oh well. I usually avoid those things because of the crowds but my daughter wanted to go. Grandmas, kids and baking just go hand in hand.

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