Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends

We’ve been blessed with a break in our cold snap and enjoyed temperatures in the 50s this week. But we’re back to 17 this weekend and more cold next week, so I’ll enjoy the moderation while I can. Meanwhile, here are some other great parts of the last week:

1. Hot oil treatment for hair. I have dry skin anyway, exacerbated by having the heater drying out the air in the winter. My scalp has been a particular problem, and using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner didn’t help a whole lot. Years ago I used to occasionally use VO5’s Hot Oil Treatment for Hair, so I looked for it again – couldn’t find it in stores, but found it online. That and an occasional application of Scalpicin brought blessed relief.

2. Rearranging books and other tasks. Last fall I got rid of some books in my sewing/craft room, which opened up some space on those shelves. I had books I’d read in the last year or so stacked up sideways in front of the regular books on my bedroom bookshelves, so I took some time one afternoon to rearrange my books. The bookshelves in the family room are pretty well organized, but the ones in the sewing room and bedroom had some of the same categories of books in each, so I got a workout carrying armloads of books back and forth, getting books on the same subject matter together, and finding a place for the newer ones. I even culled a few more to give away. I was extremely satisfied with the results.

During December, some tasks that can wait get pushed lower and lower on the to-do list while the holiday activities are going on. This week it was good to get some of them taken care of, like hand-washing a few items that needed that care, setting up files for some card-making ideas I had printed out and torn out of magazines, etc.

3. Not cooking all weekend. Friday afternoon my son and d-i-l came over and brought take-out from a favorite BBQ place. Then Saturday night, my husband asked if I wanted to get pizza. Well, I am not going to turn down that offer! Then Sunday after church he suggested takeout from McAlister’s Deli. I enjoyed the food as well as the break. Then one warm afternoon this week, my son and d-i-l asked if we could could get out a Christmas gift we’d been holding back for Timothy – an outside riding toy that it had just been too cold to use (he knew there was a big box covered up in the garage but didn’t know it was for him. 🙂 ) They offered to make dinner, so I had one more evening “off.” That came in especially handy that night because I had pulled something the wrong way in my shoulder and had spent much of the day with Tylenol and a heating pad. (The shoulder is still tender but much better, and Timothy loved his new toy!)

4. A running gas fireplace. We hadn’t been able to use ours most of the time we’ve lived here because it emitted a terrible odor. We haven’t really needed it, so it hasn’t been a priority. My husband has tinkered with it sometimes, and recently cleaned it all out thoroughly, but it still smelled too bad to use. Then it occurred to him maybe the smell was coming from a build-up of residue on the fake logs in it, so he pulled those out and started it up – and it ran fine! He found some new logs online, and now we have a working fireplace! Even though we probably still won’t use it much – it gets the family and dining areas toasty, but then the warmth keeps the thermostat from coming on, so the rest of the house gets cold. But it will be especially helpful if we have a power outage and also if we ever need to sell the house.

5. Jesse receiving a grant. Jesse (youngest son) has been pursuing his Bachelor’s degree online for several months now. There was a small snafu that just recently came to light in his filling out his financial paperwork, so he corrected it, and he just received word that he not only received a grant for this semester, but they also gave him the one he should have received last semester as well. He was thinking he would have to obtain a loan to finish, but with these grants, the money he had saved, and a new part-time job, it looks like he will probably be able to finish without taking out a loan, or if he needs one, it won’t be much.

It’s been a week full of blessings large and small, and I am thankful to God.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Lots of good things there especially the news about your son’s finances. That must have been a big relief. Higher education is so expensive. Here hardly any kids can do it without taking out loans. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Praise God about your son’s finances.

    How fun to get out something new for your grandson’s visit!!

    YAY for a husband who offers to get take out, and go out. SCORE! (as i type this, my husband is making a white veggie pizza and I just made a salad. our usual Friday evening unless we order out which we are trying not to do so much this winter).

    How awesome to get some needed tasks done around the house. I need to do that with our basement bookcase…i still have grad school materials down there!!

    Enjoy the long weekend!!

    stay cozy

  3. Best of congratulations to Jesse for making it through school without a loan!! School loans weigh young people down so badly. He is helping himself tremendously.

  4. That is great news for you son! It sounds like a nice week all around. Not cooking (Yay!), a working fireplace, and a new toy for Timothy. Oh, and organizing books. What would we do without books?

  5. Wow, that is a wonderful report on Jesse getting not one grant but two! It feels so good to accomplish a big job, doesn’t it? Sorry your shoulder is giving you a painful time. Hopefully it will heal quickly.

  6. Oh wow, that is great news about your son’s school grant!
    And for your sake, I’m glad you had all those dinners you didn’t have to cook! I appreciate weeks like that.
    I hope your shoulder is healing well.

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