I had to smile at this tweet from Jen Wilkin, because I feel the same way.


Then I just read this morning that the third Monday in January is said by some to be the most depressing day of the year, due to debt from Christmas spending hitting, having already failed at our New Year’s resolution, less daylight, more cold, etc. On the other hand, one article called that pseudoscience and another said it was made up by a travel agent trying to drum up bookings to vacation climes. I wouldn’t doubt it. 🙂

Winter is not my favorite season, and a few years ago I wrote Help For the Winter Blues, ideas of other things to focus on or do, quotes, poems, etc. Last year I reflected on Finding Beauty in Bleakness – that’s one aspect of winter I have the most trouble with, and it helped to reflect that God has purposes for even that.

So I won’t rewrite those this year, but I’ll share some other day-brightening thoughts found recently for coping with winter.


Doesn’t that just fit?!


I don’t know if that works, but I sure wish I had some bubble solution to try it out!

Winter fun


Carroll snow

Winter tree



Tolkien winter


13 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Love the quotes here! Except for adjusting to the cold, I’m very excited for winter this year – to see the changing season. In Florida, I dreaded spring because that meant the heat of summer was very close. Here, I will welcome the spring to see new life spring up again. I love the Tolkien quote. I’d heard the “gold and glitter” quote many times and didn’t realize it came from him. Have a safe and warm day!

  2. Wow – I didn’t know that quote was from “Fellowship of the Ring”. I guess it wasn’t in the movie version. I need to read the book.

    • My daughter-in-law tried it this morning and it didn’t work for her. The temperatures were in the teens, so I am not sure why it didn’t. Maybe the dish soap kind works better.

  3. Well, those are some positive thoughts! I’m not a big winter fan either, although as a child, teen, and young adult I liked it. As I get older, I totally understand why many older people move to Florida, or at least spend the winter there. I flew back from FL this week and noted the difference in view from the plane. In FL, you had sun and greenery. As we got ready to land in Indiana and the clouds cleared, it almost looked like a battle scene — everything gray and black with the white snow all around. Someone posted on FB that beginning 12/22, each day would become a bit longer. That was a positive thought!

  4. I like the Lewis Carroll quote. Terrible snow right now in Scotland and Northern England. Everything stops when it snows. The other day I tripped on a snowflake.

    God bless.

  5. I love the poems that you shared, especially the one about the singing trees. I see that everyday in winter. Thanks for helping making winter lighter. I really enjoyed your post.

  6. These had me smiling, even if I can barely relate! We whine a bit here when nights get into the 30s and make our herbs wilt with the frost.

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