Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Wow, this week has just flown by! But it has been a good one! Here are some of the highlights:

1. An unexpected lasagna meal. My daughter-in-law had made a few pans of lasagna for a large family welcoming another child into their home. She ended up with one extra and asked if she could bring it over to share with us for dinner one night. Well, their company and lasagna are always treats, but that offer occurred on an especially busy day, and it was such a blessing to have the time I would have spent preparing dinner available for the other tasks I needed to get done.

2. Having new friends over for dinner. We asked the pastor of the church we have been visiting and his family over for dinner one night. We enjoyed their fellowship so much, and had an opportunity to ask some questions concerning the church. They took some time to meet and visit with Jim’s mom.

3. New gluten- and dairy-free options. When we have people over, I usually stay with meals that I have done several times over and know they work. We had a number of different dietary considerations at the above-mentioned dinner, so I ventured into some new territory, and thankfully everything turned out well. I wanted to mention them because I know some of you are gluten- and/or dairy-free or have friends or family who are, so you might like to know about these, too. I made baked chicken breasts and a salad, and for a side dish, where I would normally have a starch, instead I made Sauteed Julienned Summer Vegetables. I had gotten a Spiralizer for Christmas and used that to make zucchini and squash noodles. I had shredded carrots on hand but decided to leave them out at the last minute: I think next time I’ll add them in. (We’ve tried the spiralized zucchini noodles in place of spaghetti, and they were a little different, but ok. So far it’s hard for me to get them done enough without going too far and making them mushy, but hopefully that will improve with practice.) Then for dessert I was going to make a fruit salad, but had a thought and searched to see if someone had found a way to make gluten-free shortcakes – and they had: Easy Gluten-Free Shortcakes! Bread products are the hardest things to come out right without gluten, but I was amazed that these turned out well and were easy to do. The only thing I’d change would be to take them out of the oven maybe a minute or so earlier, but that’s probably due to my oven – I have to do that with biscuits and rolls, too. Since not everyone could eat all the fruit I wanted to serve, I decided to do “make your own shortcakes,” with four different types of fruit people could choose from or mix together. My son and daughter-in-law had told me about a dairy-free whipped topping they had discovered for a friend of theirs who is dairy-free, so we tried that as well.


It’s in the freezer section of the grocery store, next to the other dairy toppings.

4. Playing with Timothy, my grandson. His mom had a doctor’s appointment this week, so he came to stay with me for a few hours. We had a good time. I don’t know why I am always a little afraid that he’ll miss his parents too much or get upset – he always does well. In the midst of the Little People we kept from when our kids were small, there’s one that’s a baby and a white-haired lady Timothy calls a Grandma. We had a lot of Baby and Grandma adventures – playing on the playground, fending off a marauding dinosaur, Grandma coming to the rescue in a helicopter. πŸ™‚ I was telling my son about it afterward, and he said, “Yeah, it’s fun that his play has narrative now.”


5. Spring decorations. It’s nice to have them out.


Bonus: This came up on my Facebook memories – so this isn’t the first spring like the one we’ve had this year, though this year seems more extreme. But it made me smile again:

33% DONE. Install delayed….please wait. Installation failed. Please try again.

I wish you a very blessed Easter weekend!

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Pretty spring decorations! Thank you for the dessert recipe. I sometimes host our book club, and there are a couple of members who are gluten free. I’m usually at a loss as to what to make. I’m a little envious that you have a daughter-in-law who cooks and shares!

    Happy Easter, Barbara.

  2. Your spring decorations are beautiful!! I just love them.

    I am almost entirely dairy free and i buy me the ice cream when i want sweets from that same brand where you got the whipped cream!! I do eat cheese still but i feel so much better in the digestive tract not using cows milk! We weren’t meant to drink cows milk when you really think about it! And it’s just so bad for,you with all the added hormones and antibiotics farmers use. We have switched to unsweetened almond milk and saw cholesterol levels drop!

    Love the play scheme for your grandson. Cute! It’s funny but i posted a play scheme too today!

    Happy Resurrection Day!,

  3. Love your spring decorations and I LOVED hearing about the time you had with Timothy this week! Brought back memories of when our grandson was young. I hope you have a lovely Easter, Barbara.

  4. Ha! I laughed at your Bonus– Spring delayed.
    It’s obvious that Timothy loves coming to your house to play.
    And that dinner–sweet of you to think of others. I am whole food/plant based and it’s hard to explain to people.
    Happy Easter!

  5. I love your first fave, Barbara. God gives good good gifts doesn’t He? Lasagna is one of the things I really miss being GF and DF.

    Timothy sounds like he’s got a great imagination fueling his play time. How nice that you have your own action figure πŸ™‚

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