Friday’s Fave Five

FFF daisiesIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Some Fridays, it takes time and thought to come up with five good points from the previous week. Other times it is hard to contain the blessings into just five points. This week I have the latter good problem.

1. Jim’s mom turned 90.

I went to a party supply store specifically to look for plates and candles with “90” on them, but all they had was a package of black napkins! So we improvised. I don’t know if she quite understood the hoopla, but I hope she enjoyed it. A bonus: I had ordered a couple of hospital-type nightgowns from a place not known for its speedy delivery, and I was afraid they wouldn’t get here in time for her birthday. But they did!

2. Time off and a lunch date. Jim took time off work on Monday and Tuesday and got a number of things done around the house, mostly in the garage. The garage looks really nice now! We went out for a lunch date Tuesday. We tried a new restaurant and ended up not liking it (too-loud music and soggy, lukewarm food), but enjoyed the outing and time together.

3. Independence Day! Though our country has its flaws, I still think it’s the best in the world, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else (no offense to friends from others countries – I hope you feel the same way about yours). We had quite the feast, and even got to see a few fireworks in the distance from our front yard.

4. Not losing AC. After a loud clap of thunder during a storm, our air conditioning was still blowing air, but not cold air. My husband checked fuses and other issues, but couldn’t find a fixable problem, so we were resigned to calling an AC serviceman out the next day. Thankfully ceiling fans in a few rooms kept the temperatures manageable. By the next morning, the AC seemed to be back to normal on its own without a service call and has been working fine ever since.

5. Sunday lunch. For various reasons, my son and daughter-in-law ended up not being able to make it to their church last Sunday morning. They came over to our house and made lunch. It’s such a nice feeling to come home and have a meal already in process. We enjoyed a good visit.

Bonus: Jim and I watched “The Book Thief.” Wonderful movie, without the profanity of the book (unless it was in some of the German words I couldn’t understand)

And that wraps up our full week. Happy Friday!


13 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. What a nice party for Grandma!! You will never regret all you are doing for her!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your mother in law! 90 is a milestone for sure! (Why black napkins??? they should be a bright happy color, right?)
    Your Fourth celebration sounds about right. Quiet, family, fireworks from afar.

  3. Nice to celebrate the milestone birthday. Looks like you had fun. Shame about your meal out but sometimes you just have to judge a place yourself. We went to a restaurant near us recently that came recommended but the service was appalling. Good to spend quality time with your partner though. Sometimes we’re too busy to take care of the most important things.

  4. Happy Birthday to your mother in law! How Blessed you are to still have her in your lives! The cake is beautiful.

  5. Happy Birthday to Jim’s mom! We had a similar issue with our AC not long ago, and it ‘fixed’ itself. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’m glad that you had a week abundant with blessings!

  6. I always enjoy your FFF posts, Barbara. Well…I enjoy all of your posts, but I look forward to hearing about the blessings of your week. I am so glad that you and your husband were able to have that lunch date on Tuesday and enjoyed the time out together. I loved all of the pictures of your mother-in-law’s birthday celebration! So special. Whether she understood the reasoning behind it or not, she couldn’t have helped but feel the love that came along with it. 🙂 And don’t you love it when you have something seeminly break down and then “fix” itself? Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend.

  7. 90 years ! that’s quite something, sad that she is not in such a good health. But still she certainly enjoyed to have the whole family around ! We have our national day on July 21,

  8. We watched the Book Thief awhile ago and remember liking it. I haven’t read the book. Happy belated birthday to Jim’s mom. Love the picture of Timothy throwing the tissue. So cute. Your bbq looks very yummy. I had to giggle as you apologized for saying you wouldn’t want to live elsewhere, you’re sounding very Canadian…we tend to apologize for everything. LOL.

  9. omgoodness!!!! The Book Thief is a MOVIE????!!!! that was one of my very fave books from a couple years ago. Omgosh….WHERE did you see this movie? is it playing? or is it on Netflix? i’m so out of it when it comes to entertainment…i NEVER watch TV except the news sometimes……and we’ve been away on vacation with NO tv or internet.

    Happy Birthday to your mother in law. How special that she has lived this long life.

    Glad your AC didn’t die. My oldest daughter had to work this past week so couldn’t join us up at the lake for our vacation and she said on Sunday it was 101 here in town which never really gets above 94! the whole northeast had a big heat wave. I was 2 1/2 hours north west in the north-central part of the Adirondack mts with husband and youngest girl and even there the temps got up to 96. MOST unusual because they usually only see temps in 80s. Friday, the evening before we checked out of our cottage, the temps were down to 56…..40 degrees cooler than on Sunday!!

    Looks like quite a meal for the 4th!!

    • We watched The Book Thief via Amazon Prime’s streaming. iTunes also rents it, but it was a little more expensive to rent there. I’m not sure if Netflix or Hulu has it. It was an excellent film.

  10. I love that you have photos all around your MIL. The M and B-sisters’ mom was starting to lose her memory and the girls had me take photos of all the family photos that hung around the house to make a couple of posters so their mom could have them at the care facility. Your MIL seemed enjoy all the family attention (as does Timothy!).

    My Independence Day dinner looked like a mini version of your feast 🙂 I’m eyeing that corn in your photo and remembering how wonderfully sweet fresh corn was.

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