Friday’s Fave Five

FFF daisies
It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Last Friday I had an overflow: this Friday requires a little more thought and searching. But that’s why FFF is such a good exercise.

1. Ladies Life Group, our church ladies’ group meeting, occurs every other month. We had our July meeting over the weekend. I had missed out on ladies’ Bible studies for years because they were held at times I couldn’t come, and I have so enjoyed participating with these dear ladies.

2. Relief. I’ve spent most of this week with a low-grade headache. It wasn’t constant or debilitating, but it left me feeling definitely below par. It’s been gradually lessening and as of this writing, I feel almost normal again.

3. Timothy’s imagination. My four-year-old grandson wanted to dress in his Cat Boy costume (a character from the PJ Masks TV show) when his family came over, and he had it all worked out in his mind how it would go: Granddad would say, “Cat Boy! Where’s Timothy?” It played out pretty much like he imagined it! Such fun, and a delight to me.

4. Fresh-cut grass makes me sneezy, but I love the way it looks.

5. New growth. We planted two crepe myrtles…was it two years ago? One flourished and is probably eight feet tall. The other, right in front of the house, put out leaves and grew a little, but just wasn’t faring well. Actually, nothing we have planted in that spot has thrived. But just today (Thursday), I noticed flowers on it! And it has grown a lot since spring. So maybe there’s hope for it after all.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. It’s been years since I’ve done a Bible study, but I have some wonderful friendships that developed from one I was in when my kids were growing up. Glad you are feeling better. Cute story about Timothy. I just love their imaginations, if only we could believe that purely. It’s a nice surprise when something in the garden eventually makes it!

  2. Oh i love my small group Bible study times. I’m a leader and taking a break for the summer but plan on starting up again come autumn/mid-Sept.

    How cute Timothy is!

    Weird but I’ve had an off again on again mild headache all week too!! I wonder why……
    Glad yours is gone!

    Those flowers are pretty! Glad your plant came to life!

    Happy weekend!

  3. Love to watch a child’s imagination!!! I will not have a FFF today. I may have one a day late if that’s OK – just can’t put one up today. Glad you feel better.

  4. A wonderful week for you! I love to watch how a child’s imagination can play out…that Timothy is a cutie! I’m sorry to hear about the headache but glad it is lessening. I had one today, but I think mine was brought on by the humidity. Crepe Myrtle! Oh, how I love those. I’m thinking we live too far north for us to be able to raise one. But they are beautiful.

  5. I remember the day when I FINALLY found a Bible Study I could attend due to my work schedule! I was so happy! And I’m still part of that group even now. A true blessing, indeed.
    Your stories of Timothy are always amusing!
    I hope you are feeling fine now and the headache won’t come back.

  6. Timothy has a great imagination and how cute that it played out like he thought. He knows his Grand Dad! How nice that you were able to go to a bible study and really enjoyed it. Pretty little bush, hope it really takes off for you now. We have a tree like that too. Glad your headache is going away. Those days long, nagging things get exhausting. May you feel much better this coming week!

  7. I so wish that there was a ladies bible study at a time I could attend. I’m not sure when the church is going to catch on to the fact that a large amount of women work outside the home and cannot get to weekday morning studies.

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