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I’ve been mostly absent from the blog this week. It’s rare for me not to do a Friday’s Fave Five, even if I don’t post anything else. But it has been a busy week: card-making and present-shopping and wrapping for a baby shower and my oldest son’s upcoming birthday, house-cleaning for my son’s visit from out of state, buying tons of food for family get-togethers, etc, etc. It’s amazing what you can done when you’re not blogging! 🙂 I am not sure how much I will be online the next week. My oldest son is here, my husband is off, we’ll have more time with the whole family. But, in the past when I have thought I would not be posting much, I have been surprised. Our whole family likes our computer time, so we’ll see.

Meanwhile, I have collected in odd moments online the last week some thought-provoking, helpful reads I wanted to share with you.

Poor Interpretation Lets Us “Believe” the Bible While Denying What It Actually Say, HT to Challies. “Historically, theological liberals denied Scripture, and everyone knew where they stood. But today many so-called evangelicals affirm their belief in Scripture, while attributing meanings to biblical texts that in fact deny what Scripture really says. Hence they ‘believe every word of the Bible’ while actually embracing (and teaching) beliefs that utterly contradict it.”

Grace Comes With Refills.

Love Is Not a Feeling.

Praying the Words of Jesus for Your Teen.

Pants on Fire. The folly of the “I don’t know whether this is true or not; but I just wanted to get it out there” type of post.

Are We All “Harmless Torturers” Now? HT to Challies. “When we think of the savagery of social media, we often think of awful individual behavior…Harmless Torturers never go that far; we just like, retweet and add the occasional clever remark. But there are millions of us, and we’re all turning the dial.”

Why Getting Lost in a Book is So Good for You, HT to Linda.

Finally, you might be blessed by this video even if you don’t know Ron and Shelly Hamilton (of Majesty Music, aka Patch the Pirate and Sissy Seagull) and Shelly’s parents, Frank and Flora Jean Garlock. I had no idea the Garlocks were in this situation or that Ron had been diagnosed with dementia. This is not only an update of how they are doing, but a sweet testimony of a man caring for his wife.

4 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage

  1. Yes, you’ve got some family wonderfulness coming up. Enjoy! We will all be here when you return. I’ve bookmarked three of your links to read later.

  2. Although I don’t always comment, I love your laudable linkage each time and find several links to click through each time. (And thanks for including my grace refill post.) I particularly enjoyed the article on getting lost in books since it affirms my love and justification of reading. 🙂

    And while I think I understand what Randy Alcorn means, this is what I’d like to discuss with him: “In order to delight and meditate on the law of the Lord, we must understand correctly what Scripture actually says.” <– None of us get the final say on what is the exact, correct interpretation of every scripture. Therein lies the problem with judging those he calls "denying" scripture if they don't agree with his interpretation. We all have blind spots that we're unaware of.

    • It’s true that there are some Scriptures that have had people arguing about their interpretations and applications for centuries. But, on the other hand, Bible interpretation is not a free-for-all where anyone can make a passage mean whatever they want it to mean. He mentions he’s “talking about people believing and confidently affirming that Scripture says what no one in the history of the church ever believed it says—or some people did say it but were easily recognized as heretics. (Universalism is just one example among many, though an important one)” and people reading into the Bible their own thoughts rather that reading out from it what it says, comparing Scripture with Scripture, interpreting Scripture by Scripture.

  3. “Our whole family likes our computer time,” lol, I can relate 🙂 In our case, at least, I think it’s due to the majority of us being introverted. Enjoy your time with your family! As my kids leave home, I’m seeing just how wonderful it is when they come back home.

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