Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story .

Another Friday, another opportunity to stop a moment and reflect on some of the week’s best moments:

1. An outing at the park. The one fun thing Jim wanted to do on his week off was to take the family to a park with a lakefront. Though it turned out to be too hot or too lacking in time for some activities, it was fun and the view was lovely. We’ve talked about bringing dinner there some evening, when hopefully it will be a bit cooler and the time more open-ended. We’ve even talked about renting paddle-boats next time. Can’t wait to see what Timothy thinks of that.

2. Refurbished light fixture. As I mentioned last week, Jim spent most of his time off painting the bathroom walls and cabinets. I had wanted to replace the light fixture, because I didn’t like the brass finish (especially now that we’ve gone light grey in there) and it was hard for me to reach and clean the cut glass. He decided to try painting it white, and that looked fine. Plus he took everything apart and cleaned the glass parts for me.

3. Lunch Sunday. Jason and Mittu got ready for church Sunday, but then she wasn’t feeling well enough to go. A bit later in the morning they came to our house to make lunch. Always nice to come home and find meal preparation in progress, especially on a Sunday.

4. Working AC. Our air conditioner was having trouble keeping up, so we had someone come out to service it this week. Then during a thunderstorm we lost power for a bit, and I was dreading the loss of AC – but thankfully the power came back on in just a few minutes.

5. A neighbor’s bounty. A neighbor shared some vegetables from their garden with us this week.

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Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I bet Timothy will love the paddle-boats. Jenna and I visited Morgan and Riley this week and had such fun just hanging out at their house. I look forward to outings when she’s a little older; for now, she’s just as excited to go outside and pick dandelions as a trip somewhere. 🙂

    Our AC went out yesterday morning for about 30 minutes so all was well, but I was anticipating major heat too if it hadn’t come back on. Turns out that a squirrel got fried on an electrical line and shut things off.

  2. The lights are really pretty!
    How nice to come home from church and have lunch all ready. I hope your daughter in law i said feeling well now.

    Outings at a lake are on my list of faves too!!

  3. Ahhhh …. to come home from church and have someone making lunch sounds LOVELY! Love your bathroom lights; they look so cozy. I would love to hear a report/see a photo of you all in the paddle boat with Timothy if that happens. I bet you all would love it!

  4. Those lights are lovely and your outing sounds fun. We don’t really have the need for AC in the house but we have it in the car and I wouldn’t want to be without it. Glad you got yours sorted.

  5. The lighting reno looks great! Jim is a great handyman.
    Your excursion to the lakefront sounds like fun. I’m sorry it was so hot. (We spent the weekend camping at a lake in the mountains above Santa Barbara–our temperature got up to 100F! Not fun for camping!
    I’m glad with you that your AC wasn’t off very long–I know you get a lot of humidity where you live.

  6. Great idea just painting out the brass on the light. The lakefront trip sounds like it was fun despite the heat. We are spoiled with AC. We finally got our ancient dinosaur of a unit replaced and couple years ago and we can’t believe how much more efficient it is and how much less expensive to run. The installers couldn’t believe our old beast was still running and commented that they hadn’t seen one of those in many a year. LOL. Sweet of Mittu to come make lunch especially when she wasn’t feeling 100 percent.

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