Back at home

Thank you so much for your kind comments yesterday and your prayers while I was in the hospital. I’m back at home now and feeling well. I have follow-up appointments with my primary care doctor and cardiologist soon.

I’m probably going to have to have a second ablation. I can’t tell you how much I hate the thought of going through that again. But I also hate having afib and going to the ER. We’ve known people that were much improved after the second one. So, we’ll see what the doctors say.

Meanwhile, I’m going to mainly relax the rest of the weekend.

9 thoughts on “Back at home

  1. So glad you’re back home and have a plan. I’ll pray that things will work out and that you’ll get some good answers in the weeks to come. Yes, a RESTFUL weekend sounds very good!

  2. Oh dear! I didn’t know you were in the hospital but then again Ive not had much time to blog lately until this morning. I will pray that your team of doctors will get to the bottom of this and get your heart healthy.

  3. Aw, Barbara, I understand your trepidation about a second ablation … if it turns out that you have one, I hope it corrects your heart rhythm issues once and for all. Be well, my friend.

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