Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Another week has gone by, and we’re another week closer to Christmas. Here are some favorites from this busy week:

1. A 35% off coupon code. I needed more long-sleeved clothes, and visited the site of an online store where I have gotten things I liked before. They had a banner across the top of their web page advertising a 35%-off coupon, applicable to your entire purchase. That was a big help: their prices are a bit more than I usually like to pay, but their quality is much better as well. I know, I know—you get what you pay for. But it was nice to have this opportunity to pay a little less.

2. A 5%-off coupon. I rotate between three grocery stores—each has some things the others don’t. I don’t go to all three in one day, but which one I go to depends on what I need. The store where I usually buy our Christmas ham, and where I planned to get our weekly groceries plus supplies for our Christmas meal, sent though the mail a 5%-off coupon for an entire order.

3. A mailing envelope. I had to mail some packages this week, and I needed a 9×12 manila envelope for one of them. But I didn’t have any: I used the last one last week. There is a store near the post office, but it’s not one of my regular stops and I wasn’t sure whether it had mailing supplies. All the other stores were a distance away. I thought about saving that mailing until after I had gone to the store, but I really didn’t want to make another trip to the Post Office, especially during this season. I checked an old cabinet where I used to keep mailing supplies, and voila, there was one lone bent but unused 9×12 envelope. A small blessing, but it really helped simplify my schedule on a busy day/week.

4. Moderate temperatures. We’ve had some icy-cold days this month, but this week the daytime temperatures have been in the 60s.

5. Christmas cards and letters, though we’ve only received three so far this year. I understand some families have foregone Christmas cards in an effort to simplify the extra tasks this time of year. And maybe they are not as needed since so many are connected more online through the year. But I still enjoy them.

We won’t have FFF next week, with it being Christmas Eve. So I’ll wish you a wonderful, meaningful Christmas. I hope you’ll be able to spend it with those you love.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Some great timing for frugal purchases, Barbara! I know what you mean about the more expensive stores. Sometimes you luck out with bargains, but you feel more confident of getting quality products through a company known for it. Hope they work out for you.

    Love that mailing envelope story. Sometimes it pays not to have your things toooo organized πŸ˜‰

    Yes, I’m seeing fewer letters and cards, too, but they are still coming in. And roomie and I still sent out around 85 (we have mutual friends and we share a card in some cases).

  2. Woo hoo for coupons! They make me happy too πŸ™‚ And the envelope too — to me, reusing things like that is the ultimate recycling (in addition to economizing). A note about the Bass mansion — no relation to the university, but the Bass family sold the house/land to the university in the 1950s I believe πŸ™‚

  3. Praise God for coupons. We actually have about 20 cards this year which is unusual these days. I have treasured every single one!! I sent out about 20 as well but mostly to extended family who are not on social media (yes there are some!!) and to my college friends and former work colleauges over the years whom I rarely see and who live all over the USA.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our precious Savior-Redeemer!

  4. I know not many people send Christmas cards anymore, but I still love sending and receiving them myself too. It’s always a good mailbox day when there is a Christmas card in the day’s mail. πŸ™‚

  5. I love getting those coupons for items we buy regularly–it does keep us going back to that store to shop.
    I love sending and receiving cards and letters, too. We are late this year—but it will get out.
    I hope your pleasant weather continues.
    Merry Christmas week to you!

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